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[22:19:32] <danvet> ok, this works, now there's just the slight issue that I have to write some python to compute this string
[22:19:39] <danvet> that's going to be a bit harder :-)
[22:21:10] <danvet> also, let's hope I don't accidentally close the editor
[22:21:21] <robclark> (to avoid confusing anyone in the next 40 min :-P)
[22:21:29] <danvet> robclark, if you frob the topic, pls fix the space between pst and https
[22:21:37] <whot> danvet: you should hook up the secretary to just pull the next date from the google calendar :)
[22:21:38] <robclark> bleh
[22:21:51] <danvet> whot, then I get volunteered to maintain that
[22:21:52] * danvet nope
[22:22:00] <danvet> the google calendar I mean
[22:22:16] <whot> the only things we put in these days are weekly meetings and election dates
[22:22:23] <robclark> fwiw, I assume py has some nice library to do date arithmetic and get the Nth vs Nnd type stuff right..
[22:22:25] <whot> it's a public calendar
[22:22:38] <bryce> whot, my google account is bryceharrington@gmail.com.  But emails shouldn't go there (I don't read it)
[22:23:14] <whot> bryce: well, I can add the samsung one too, I presume goog doesn't care that much
[22:23:19] <bryce> ok
[22:23:28] <danvet> robclark, yeah, but I'm happy that I figured out how to change the topic
[22:23:32] <danvet> date challenges for next time around
[22:23:41] * danvet rather modest with python scripting goals
[22:26:01] <whot> bryce: this is strictly about what's more convenient for you
[22:30:07] <bryce> whot, for x.org board emails, samsung email address (bryce@osg.samsung.com) is preferred.  But if google requires an actual google account, use the above.
[22:33:51] <whot> bryce: that's the calendar, it doesn't send emails (unless you want it to)
[22:34:24] <whot> anyway, you're in now with the samsung one and you have sharing manage access, so you can swap it :)
[22:40:30] <bryce> whot, thanks!
[22:40:56] <mupuf> danvet: yes, i can allow force-pushing
[22:40:56] <robclark> danvet, btw, one small suggestion (which I guess/hope is probably easy to do).. secretary should update /topic just before it leaves (rather than right after joining)
[22:41:03] <robclark> mupuf, thx
[22:41:19] <mupuf> Will be home in 5
[22:43:20] <mupuf> So nice that, this winter, it.has been snowing quite often and we get to always have a white-coated Helsinki :)
[22:44:21] <danvet> robclark, will make date calcs harder because then I have to take before/after midnight into account
[22:44:29] <danvet> mtg starts at 11pm here, ends at mignight
[22:44:35] <danvet> also, I don't have an exit hook
[22:44:42] * danvet reaaaally bad at python
[22:44:52] <robclark> hmm, calc new date at beginning, update /topic at end?
[22:45:14] <mupuf> danvet: use timedate
[22:45:27] <mupuf> and always add 3600 seconds to the start date
[22:45:28] <robclark> anyways.. was just to prevent someone from joining after meeting has started and somehow thinking, "oh, meeting was canceled" ;-)
[22:45:30] <mupuf> that will take care
[22:45:43] <danvet> mupuf, then I'd need to parse it
[22:45:49] <danvet> the old one
[22:46:10] <mupuf> check out the timedate class ;)
[22:46:20] <mupuf> it does all the parsing you will ever need
[22:46:33] <danvet> well, I'd need to parse the topic string first
[22:48:24] <mupuf> robclark: here you go
[22:48:28] <robclark> maybe there is a way to set the timezone in py?  Then just make the tz pst and all good
[22:48:29] <mupuf> free to push
[22:48:32] <robclark> thx
[22:48:42] <mupuf> robclark: yes, the timedate class supports this
[22:48:45] <whot> status update: we have 63 active members atm. that's close, but not the full renewal yet
[22:48:55] <robclark> (nice not to have to git push origin :foo && got push origin foo :-P)
[22:49:05] <whot> of course I can't find the backed up list of members before this purge, but I guess it would've been around 80-90
[23:00:53] <danvet> hi all
[23:01:01] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, paper committee writeup, khronos, elections, membership agreement,
[23:01:01] <danvet> financial records
[23:01:04] <bryce> o/
[23:01:11] <egbert> hi danvet, hi all :)
[23:01:34] <agd5f> hi
[23:01:51] <robclark> o/
[23:02:31] <danvet> whot, mupuf, keithp around too?
[23:02:36] <mupuf> yes yes
[23:02:37] <mupuf> sorry
[23:02:45] <danvet> :-)
[23:02:50] <danvet> kittykat1, ?
[23:04:00] <mupuf> she won't have much to say
[23:04:12] <mupuf> I did not create the bloody page. Only now I am actually doing it
[23:04:24] <mupuf> and ... it seems we cannot get the information from the previous years
[23:04:33] <mupuf> which is ... deeply annoying?
[23:04:33] <kittykat1> \o
[23:04:38] <mupuf> oh, great!
[23:04:40] <mupuf> she is here
[23:04:45] * whot is here
[23:04:48] kittykat1 is now known as kittykat
[23:05:02] <danvet> ok, let's get started
[23:05:07] <danvet> gsoc?
[23:06:19] <mupuf> sure
[23:06:32] <mupuf> so, I only now started making the application
[23:06:45] <mupuf> I wanted to do it last weekend and forgot about it
[23:06:49] <mupuf> we have until the 9th
[23:06:59] <mupuf> anyway, I can now add admins
[23:07:24] <danvet> do we need more project ideas or anything?
[23:07:38] <mupuf> kittykat: can you give me your email for the admin?
[23:07:58] <mupuf> robclark, agd5f: Same for you, since you were both interested in helping
[23:08:17] <mupuf> danvet: well, we should probably remind people that, if they want students, we need to have projects
[23:08:28] <mupuf> or at least make sure the projects there are still up to date
[23:08:36] <robclark> mupuf, you can add me.. robdclark@gmail.com (I guess you already knew my addr)
[23:08:39] <agd5f> I don't see myself having time for gsoc this year :(
[23:08:40] <kittykat> mupuf: kittykat3756.gsoc@gmail.com
[23:08:51] <danvet> mupuf, can you pls send out reminder mail so people don't forget?
[23:08:57] <danvet> takes a few times to make it stick :-)
[23:09:08] <mupuf> yeah
[23:09:15] <robclark> (and add wayland list this time ;-))
[23:09:25] * mupuf can do the pre-gsoc work
[23:09:38] <danvet> mupuf, wiki page link for minutes?
[23:09:40] <mupuf> but if I am a mentor again this year, I will try not to be too active
[23:09:46] <mupuf> danvet: https://www.x.org/wiki/SummerOfCodeIdeas/
[23:10:09] <danvet> ta
[23:10:56] <mupuf> one thing is that it doesn't appear that I can access previous year's data
[23:11:04] <danvet> :(
[23:11:05] <mupuf> I have saved the application from ~3 years ago IIRC
[23:11:09] <danvet> is this the new system?
[23:11:18] <mupuf> we'll see
[23:11:42] <mupuf> if I can find the information from 3 years ago, I should be able to find the rest
[23:11:44] <danvet> I can help with word-smithing if you ping me
[23:11:54] <danvet> if needed
[23:12:07] <mupuf> well, then I will make you an admin so you can review it
[23:12:12] <danvet> ugh
[23:12:22] <mupuf> no worries, I can remove you after :D
[23:12:27] <danvet> :-)
[23:12:33] <danvet> anything else on gsoc?
[23:13:19] <bryce> one q
[23:13:32] <mupuf> don't think so
[23:13:43] <bryce> I know gsoc pays $500 per project to the sponsoring org; do we need to make any special arrangements for that vis a vis SPI?
[23:14:13] <mupuf> bryce: not yet
[23:14:24] <danvet> iirc payout for orgs is after it's all done?
[23:14:35] <kittykat> SPI will just need to invoice after GSoC is done
[23:14:39] <kittykat> we can request the PO
[23:14:50] <bryce> ok
[23:14:58] <danvet> PO, what's that?
[23:15:01] <danvet> google is unhelpful ...
[23:15:06] <agd5f> Purchase Order
[23:15:07] <bryce> purchase order?
[23:15:09] <kittykat> also, Google offer $500 per intern towards travel up to $5000 in total
[23:15:13] <kittykat> yep, purchase order
[23:15:44] <kittykat> the $500 travel stipend could be used to bring interns to XDC, for example
[23:15:51] <danvet> oh cool
[23:15:56] <danvet> did we ask for that in the past?
[23:16:23] <agd5f> can we really use that for xdc?  I thought that was just for the mentor's meeting
[23:16:27] <kittykat> the rules for the travel stipend changed in 2016 so it can only be used for events which take place after the internship is over
[23:16:46] <kittykat> agd5f: the stipend for the mentor summit is $1200 per mentor up to 2 mentors
[23:16:57] <kittykat> the $500 is a stipend specifically for students who passed
[23:17:08] <agd5f> ah, ok
[23:17:15] <kittykat> and that can be used for any FLOSS event such as hackfest or conference, on any topic
[23:17:31] <kittykat> so a couple of the GNOME interns from 2016 are using it to come to FOSDEM, for example
[23:17:47] <robclark> ahh, nice.. that should help getting students to xdc
[23:18:18] <kittykat> indeed, I've found that bringing students to conferences helps encourage them to stick around
[23:18:26] <mupuf> robclark: well, we used to sponsor them
[23:18:53] <danvet> yeah, but I guess we could forward that to google
[23:19:02] <danvet> need to figure this out, no point passing on that money
[23:19:16] <danvet> we might have passed on it in the past, not sure :(
[23:19:24] <kittykat> is everyone subscribed to the two GSoC mailing lists? a lot of this information is posted there
[23:19:31] <robclark> mupuf, I expect in many cases we will still end up covering some of the costs.. depending on how far they have to fly / how expensive hotels are / etc..
[23:19:40] <kittykat> the two lists whihc are run by Google, that is
[23:19:41] <mupuf> yeah
[23:19:56] <danvet> robclark, yeah, but 500$ should go a long way for same continent than xdc at least
[23:19:58] <whot> we have in the past received travel stipends for students, yes
[23:20:01] <danvet> we can still cover the gap
[23:20:03] <robclark> right
[23:20:16] <danvet> ok, anything else?
[23:20:16] <whot> iirc it took stuart a while to chase it up afterwards, but we got it
[23:20:27] <danvet> work for bryce then I guess :-)
[23:21:13] <danvet> anything else on gsoc I mean
[23:22:27] <danvet> I guess that's a no
[23:22:45] <danvet> kittykat, thx a lot for joining, and thx a lot for helping out running gsoc!
[23:23:01] <danvet> up next, paper committee write-up from mupuf&me
[23:23:09] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/PapersCommittee/
[23:23:22] <danvet> feedback welcome if you're bored, I guess I'll just put the link into the minutes
[23:23:41] <mupuf> should we rename this?
[23:23:48] <danvet> into?
[23:24:06] <mupuf> XDC Guidelines?
[23:24:21] <danvet> confusion with our xdc guidelines for the conf overall ...
[23:25:16] <mupuf> hmm
[23:25:23] <mupuf> can we cross link the two pages at least?
[23:25:27] <whot> where are the general guidelines?
[23:25:32] <danvet> at least I don't have a better name, and paperscommittee for talks is pretty common
[23:25:40] <egbert> along with this we should probably do some 'hints for the organizers'
[23:25:51] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/RFP/
[23:26:00] <danvet> all linked from https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/
[23:26:11] <danvet> under the XDC Selection Process heading
[23:26:14] <danvet> we haz it all
[23:26:15] <whot> oh. rfp. that's well hidden :)
[23:26:29] <danvet> I'm good at mislabeling stuff :-)
[23:26:34] <danvet> but there's a link
[23:27:13] <danvet> anyway, I guess not many read it ...
[23:27:19] <danvet> next up, khronos
[23:27:23] <whot> I'd rename it to "ProposingAnXDC" and "PlanningAnXDC" and possibly "SurvivingAnXDC" :)
[23:27:28] <danvet> spi noticed that I've pinged them, but not much more
[23:28:10] <danvet> I'll keep pinging them
[23:28:32] <danvet> but I guess nothing else for now?
[23:28:42] <egbert> for names use nouns maybe.
[23:29:16] <egbert> people tend to search for them more (maybe just me)
[23:29:49] <danvet> hm, I wanted PapersCommittee under Events/, why did that not work
[23:29:56] * danvet failing as usual
[23:30:50] <danvet> more name bikesheds, or should we go to elections?
[23:30:53] <danvet> agd5f, whot ?
[23:30:54] <whot> we should also start an xdc2017 page
[23:31:03] <danvet> that's usually up to the organizer
[23:31:04] <whot> provided the US still exists by September
[23:31:09] <danvet> and google hasn't fixed the date yet ...
[23:31:14] <danvet> don't get me started
[23:31:16] <robclark> heh.. sigh..
[23:31:26] <agd5f> yeah...
[23:31:30] <danvet> whot, probably behind an iron curtain or something like that
[23:31:47] <whot> danvet: at least we already know how to deal with that from our childhood :)
[23:32:08] <danvet> more seriously, I'm happy that we don't yet have to decide for 2018 whether the us is ok to hold xdc since it'll be in europe ...
[23:32:25] <whot> anyway, elections: agd5f sent out a preliminary schedule to the ctte but we need to push it back, we can'd do anything before Feb 19
[23:32:36] <whot> because that's 30 days after the member expiry
[23:32:51] <danvet> ok
[23:32:52] <whot> we're about 70% or so back for member renewals but I forgot what the number was before
[23:33:48] <egbert> 70 percent is pretty good actually. it got expired just over a week ago...
[23:33:55] <robclark> do we send reminder emails about renewal too?  That helped for getting votes last time around..
[23:34:01] <egbert> did we get draw any new members?
[23:34:20] <whot> robclark: we can't, because once you're expired you're not on members@
[23:34:29] <danvet> whot, btw small request from my side, can you pls put your writeup from a while ago onto the wiki somewhere?
[23:34:32] <robclark> oh.. hmm
[23:34:33] <egbert> yes
[23:34:38] <whot> danvet: where's our wiki? :)
[23:34:42] <danvet> I'll only come up with a name to hide it too well :-)
[23:34:53] <whot> robclark: egbert found that out the hard way 2 or 3 years ago :)
[23:34:54] <agd5f> does it have to be 30 days between the expiry and the first ask for renewals or or 30 days between the expiry and the deadline for renewals?
[23:35:09] <whot> agd5f: deadline
[23:35:15] <robclark> board wiki is still 404.. I guess I should resurrect openshift..
[23:35:27] <danvet> whot, ugh
[23:35:31] <egbert> robclark: yes
[23:35:32] <danvet> robclark, I'll volunteer you
[23:35:32] <whot> agd5f: but because anyone who's not renewed won't get members@ email, so starting anything election related will partially talk to the void
[23:35:44] <robclark> ok, np..
[23:35:58] <agd5f> robclark, I ported that to election board wiki to the xorg wiki
[23:35:59] * robclark was hoping fd.o version of wiki could get fixed quicker..
[23:36:06] <whot> agd5f: but we've never been that precise about it. historically we did the "expire, wait 30 days, then start election process"
[23:36:18] <whot> which gives us another 2 weeks for new members, etc.
[23:36:20] <danvet> agd5f, oh, link?
[23:36:25] <danvet> or not yet up
[23:36:26] <bryce> is there any outreach planned to get new members?
[23:36:45] <agd5f> danvet, https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/
[23:36:47] <egbert> usually this is done together with the expiry.
[23:36:48] <danvet> bryce, I've done the drumroll thing at xdc, but can't hurt to do a blog or whatever
[23:36:50] <danvet> agd5f, thx
[23:37:15] <danvet> I guess that's good enough
[23:37:23] <egbert> bryce: as once the election process has started members who come in later won't be able to participate
[23:37:33] <bryce> danvet, blog's a good idea, maybe shoot a note to LWN after you've posted it?
[23:37:40] <egbert> so this is the time to do it now.
[23:38:12] <danvet> I didn't want to volunteer tbh
[23:38:34] <danvet> agd5f, added a link to our main bod page so we might find it again
[23:38:47] <danvet> egbert, good point
[23:39:16] <agd5f> I can send out a membership renewal reminder to the usual lists, but I don't have a blog at the moment
[23:40:27] <danvet> agd5f, sounds good enough I think
[23:40:31] <egbert> agd5f: MLs should be fine
[23:40:35] <robclark> +1
[23:40:44] <danvet> I can try to do something if I unlazy over the w/e, but no promises
[23:40:49] <agd5f> ok, I'll send it out after the meeting
[23:41:02] <danvet> thx
[23:41:19] <danvet> related to elections, updated membership agreement
[23:41:25] <danvet> robclark, thx for taking care of this
[23:41:40] <danvet> I think there's nothing left to frob and it's looking good
[23:41:56] <robclark> so, I've also updated pdf..  would appreciate if everyone could give it one last proof read..
[23:42:00] <danvet> everyone taken a look, should we already vote that this is the version we want to put up for a vote by our members?
[23:42:23] <danvet> we need to vote either today or in the mtg in 2 weeks to keep on schedule I think
[23:42:39] <robclark> or, is there anyoen who hasn't had a chance to look?   maybe email vote if so?
[23:42:46] <robclark> would rather not drag it out another 2 weeks..
[23:42:46] <danvet> voting over the board@ m-l was a slow disaster last year for the bylaws, so don't want to do that
[23:43:03] <bryce> link to the current pdf?
[23:43:05] <danvet> it took weeks until we got a quorom
[23:43:05] <whot> I haven't read it yet, sorry
[23:43:19] <danvet> tsk tsk :-)
[23:43:30] * whot was asleep....
[23:43:34] <robclark> bryce, https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/foundation/bylaws/plain/memberagreement.pdf?h=memberagreement-updates
[23:43:41] <agd5f> I haven't re-read it (other than the diffs you send out today) since the last round of changes, but it looked good to me
[23:43:56] <danvet> I guess we can postpone ...
[23:44:21] <egbert> to me it looked fine.
[23:45:03] <robclark> well, we have 16min for everyone who hasn't to re-read it and still vote today ;-)
[23:45:08] <egbert> i did not check the bylaws if all periods were kept exactly but i'd trust agd5f to have gotten this right.
[23:45:52] <danvet> robclark, there's still financial records stuff from bryce ...
[23:46:10] * robclark assuming some degree of multi-tasking :-P
[23:46:59] <danvet> robclark, I already signed you up to send out the final pdf&sha1
[23:47:01] <egbert> robclark: not too much. things in this channel are pretty slow.
[23:47:28] <danvet> bryce, want to jump in for a quick update on financial records?
[23:47:28] <agd5f> Just re-read it now.  looks good.  IANAL, but what's the point of section (9)?
[23:47:40] <robclark> danvet, yeah.. I was expecting to do that..
[23:47:46] <bryce> robclark, I don't have any other suggestions.  The bit about the Commonwealth of Mass I'm curious if that's still applicable.
[23:48:19] <mupuf> robclark: was it really the 14th of november that we updated the bylaws?
[23:48:26] <mupuf> they should be from a year ago instead :s
[23:48:46] <bryce> danvet, as I mentioned last meeting, there's a branch up for review.  I've set up git-crypt and ledger.
[23:48:49] <robclark> agd5f, hmm, I guess that is a hold-over..  I guess in general you want to specify a jurisdiction otherwise something could be tried anywhere (IANAL)
[23:48:57] <danvet> bryce, agd5f hm yeah no idea
[23:49:08] <robclark> mupuf, iirc that was the date the pdf was generated ;-)
[23:49:12] <danvet> robclark, well it was the jurisdiction of the old llc
[23:49:22] <bryce> still waiting on review of the branch before I land it
[23:49:22] <danvet> it probably should be the jurisdiction of spi now, but I have no idea
[23:49:30] <robclark> yeah, perhaps should be spi..
[23:49:34] <danvet> bryce, is there a mail somewhere with it?
[23:49:37] * danvet entirely forgot
[23:49:37] <mupuf> weird, pretty sure I made sure that the date on the front page was not auto generated
[23:49:48] <bryce> also, still need gpg keys from folk (or direction on how to handle that)
[23:50:08] <bryce> I've put in some requests with SPI for a dump of ledger data for us, still in a holding pattern awaiting that
[23:50:12] <danvet> I don't have a gpg key, who has?
[23:50:23] <danvet> egbert, robclark, mupuf ?
[23:50:27] <robclark> mupuf, I think both use \date{}
[23:50:38] * robclark does..
[23:50:49] <bryce> I did manage to get them to fix the listing of donations to us as tax deductable; we got another donation a few days ago, and I confirmed it is indeed fixed
[23:50:50] <mupuf> I have an old one, probably want to re-gen it though
[23:50:52] <danvet> bryce, do you have a link with the repo?
[23:50:56] <danvet> for the minutes
[23:50:57] <mupuf> it wil expire soon
[23:51:09] <robclark> danvet, you need key to sign releases if you ever do a (for ex) libdrm release..
[23:51:24] <mupuf> do we want to sign it in september instead?
[23:51:25] <danvet> I don't do releases
[23:51:30] <danvet> because no gpg :-)
[23:51:31] <mupuf> when we are in the same room?
[23:51:44] <danvet> mupuf, seems like super slow ...
[23:51:51] <mupuf> ack
[23:52:10] <danvet> anyway, noted an action to send gpg keys to bryce
[23:52:15] <bryce> danvet, http://pastebin.com/JEtzgFsW
[23:52:37] <bryce>  ssh://gabe.freedesktop.org/srv/bod.x.org/archives.git, branch is encrypt-financials
[23:52:55] <danvet> bryce, thx
[23:53:39] <mupuf> robclark: the new member agreement looks fine
[23:53:50] <mupuf> (9) is a little funky though
[23:54:03] <robclark> I think I'll send one more patch to just drop sect (9)..
[23:54:08] <mupuf> yeah
[23:54:09] <danvet> bryce, just tried to pull, didn't find anything but the master branch
[23:54:20] <danvet> robclark, seems reasonable
[23:54:30] <danvet> bryce, can you pls double-check you pushed it?
[23:54:40] <robclark> I guess no one needs to sue anyone to get access to xserver/mesa/etc git tree so probably not worth being so paranoid..
[23:55:02] <bryce> danvet, hmm ok
[23:55:23] <agd5f> IANAL, but I think generally local laws supercede agreements like this anyway
[23:55:27] <danvet> bryce, if you have time, can you pls double-check now?
[23:55:34] <danvet> we still have 5' left
[23:55:37] <whot> I would rename "X Window Projects" to "Projects" to reduce the X bits, but that's just wording anyway
[23:55:50] <whot> +1 from me, but we should change the date
[23:56:12] <robclark> yeah, "Projects" works..
[23:56:15] <robclark> whot, date?
[23:56:44] <robclark> (or you mean not make date autogenerate?)
[23:56:55] <bryce> danvet, it looks pushed to me
[23:57:02] <bryce> danvet, still looking tho
[23:57:33] <danvet> just ran git fetch, nothing here somehow
[23:57:35] <whot> yeah, the date should be fixed, not generated
[23:57:51] <robclark> k
[23:57:55] <danvet> oops, looked at the wrong remote name, silly me
[23:58:01] <robclark> super-spiffy thing would be if we could get the date from git..
[23:58:04] <danvet> bryce, ok, I'll take a look
[23:58:19] <danvet> any last minutes items for the minutes?
[23:58:32] <robclark> if no one cares about not being able to regenerate the pdf outside of git, I can do that for both memberagreement and bylaws, btw..
[23:59:20] <danvet> bryce, ok, I have a comment on the git stuff
[23:59:29] <bryce> danvet, ok
[23:59:38] <danvet> encrypting the ledger but writing out all the personal details in the commit message defeats the point a bit :-)
[00:00:12] <danvet> I think for financial stuff we need to go with sparse commit messages that just say which files/data was updated
[00:00:22] <bryce> danvet, personal details are just the name, date, and donation amount though
[00:01:08] <robclark> hmm, I think at least amount should be not in cleartext.. but probably name as well..
[00:01:25] <danvet> yeah, I'd hide that by default
[00:01:34] <bryce> alright
[00:01:34] <danvet> it's still only in the bod repo, so not world readable
[00:01:54] <danvet> but since we go to the trouble with gcrypt, I think hiding it all is better
[00:02:12] <danvet> I'll try to get some gpg going again and send you that, but might a bit of time
[00:02:13] <robclark> hmm, I guess that isn't as bad.. but still prefer not cleartext
[00:02:24] <danvet> oh, forgot one: in 2 weeks I'll be traveling again
[00:02:38] <danvet> mupuf, egbert can either of you pls run the show for me?
[00:02:44] <bryce> I was thinking it would be a convenient way for you guys to keep tabs on what's been donated, without needing to actually go into ledger
[00:02:52] <egbert> danvet: sure
[00:02:55] <danvet> egbert, thx
[00:03:00] <egbert> :)
[00:03:21] <robclark> egbert, that is one way to guarantee mtg ends on time :-P
[00:03:31] <danvet> ok, I think that's it all, thx a lot everyone for hanging around
[00:03:38] <danvet> we 3' over :-)
[00:03:52] <danvet> yeah, that's why I select someone from europe
[00:04:10] <robclark> k.. gn.. bryce I'll send public key later tonight or tomorrow.. but carpool time here soon
[00:04:16] <danvet> gn everyone

[00:04:20] [disconnected at Fri Feb 3 00:04:20 2017]