[00:01:40] <mupuf> ok, let's start the meeting
[00:01:44] <robclark> well, pushed a branch w/ s/CVS/Git/
[00:01:53] <whot> robclark: good enough, imo
[00:02:22] <mupuf> On the agenda today: SPI/Khronos update, GSoC, finance docs, members expiration
[00:02:28] <mupuf> am I missing anything?
[00:03:07] <bryce> looks good.
[00:03:10] <robclark> oh..  expo I guess..  daniels spent a bit of time on it but not enough to make moinmoin work..
[00:03:20] <whot> re members expiration: I'll do this after the meeting once I figured out how to do it again :)
[00:03:34] <mupuf> ok, then let's start!
[00:03:44] <mupuf> SPI/Khronos: Do we have any updates?
[00:04:07] <mupuf> I see nothing in the thread. I guess we need to ask again SPI. It is getting a little old though :s
[00:04:27] <robclark> I think danvet was chasing that..  I didn't see anything on thread either..
[00:05:21] <mupuf> yeah, no news on this the 11/11/16
[00:05:44] <agd5f> I ported most of the content from the old election wiki to the xorg wiki
[00:06:35] <robclark> ahh, cool
[00:07:49] <mupuf> ok, then, next topic
[00:07:53] <mupuf> GSoC
[00:08:06] <mupuf> I guess we can now apply to GSoC as an org
[00:08:20] <mupuf> I can do this, by taking last year's answers, tweaking a little bit
[00:08:41] <mupuf> but we need to be better at proposing topics for students
[00:08:51] <mupuf> and find mentors
[00:09:22] <mupuf> One of my first padawans is now considering being a mentor, but I need to try to recruit more!
[00:09:29] <mupuf> and so should you
[00:11:13] -*- robclark did at least update freedreno tasks on the wiki page finally..
[00:11:19] <mupuf> robclark: great!
[00:11:32] <robclark> mupuf, I wasn't sure if we should ask people adding to the wiki to be willing to be mentor or not..
[00:11:34] <mupuf> ok, that being said, not sure there is much to say
[00:11:51] <mupuf> well, giving ideas is fine
[00:11:58] -*- robclark started writing a reminder email but ended up w/ only a sentence or two..
[00:12:10] <mupuf> robclark: not so bad already
[00:12:24] <robclark> we might want to ask people who are willing to be mentor to speak up so we know who to put students in contact with?
[00:12:40] <mupuf> yep!
[00:12:55] <mupuf> we can make a section in the wiki, along with the area of interest
[00:13:28] <robclark> ok..  I can add a "prospective mentor section" then..
[00:13:35] <mupuf> sounds good!
[00:13:47] <robclark> btw, as far as lists to spam when I send out email, dri-devel, xorg-devel, mesa-dev...  others?
[00:13:56] <mupuf> wayland
[00:14:06] <robclark> ahh, right.. would have forgotten that one
[00:14:34] <whot> do we know if wayland is applying as org again?
[00:14:43] <mupuf> whot: need to ask again
[00:14:44] <robclark> (wayland works that well.. that you don't even know it's there :-P)
[00:15:56] <robclark> mupuf, do you know who to ask from wayland side?  I guess their answer depends on whether I spam them ;-)
[00:16:11] <mupuf> it does not matter where they apply
[00:16:25] <mupuf> in any case, they need to start working on it
[00:16:35] <mupuf> I guess a slightly different email could be sent to them
[00:16:55] <mupuf> saying that we are happy to be the organisation if they want
[00:17:16] <mupuf> sounds good to everyone?
[00:17:41] <robclark> sure
[00:18:17] <mupuf> ok, next topic!
[00:18:32] <mupuf> finance docs
[00:18:39] <mupuf> any updates on this bryce?
[00:18:50] <bryce> heya
[00:19:33] <bryce> yep, got a bunch done.  I set up git-crypt and encrypted all the docs, and it seems to work ok
[00:19:52] <mupuf> what about the key
[00:19:57] <bryce> I've pushed a branch which I'd appreciate reviewed.  If it looks ok I'll land it
[00:20:19] <bryce> it works with gpg keys, and there's a command to add each person
[00:20:38] <mupuf> is it encrypted N times?
[00:20:42] <bryce> so we'll need to work out a process for key registering. 
[00:20:44] <robclark> bryce, where is the git tree?
[00:21:20] <bryce> ssh://gabe.freedesktop.org/srv/bod.x.org/archives.git, branch is encrypt-financials
[00:21:29] <robclark> k
[00:21:45] <bryce> after that, I set up Ledger (same branch)
[00:22:10] <bryce> that was pretty simple, although I realize we're missing a lot of important details...
[00:22:33] <bryce> I've fired off an email to SPI requesting some answers to e.g. what the banking fees are and so forth
[00:23:07] <bryce> SPI said they'll send me a dump of their ledger with all the X.org-specific info
[00:23:21] <bryce> so I might end up replacing what i've done with their data, but will have to see what shape it's in
[00:23:50] <bryce> I also noticed that the emails being sent to our donors indicate their donations are *not* deductable, which AFAIK they should be.  I'm going to try to chase that down and get it fixed.
[00:24:56] <bryce> I wrote a python script to process incoming donation emails and insert them into our ledger.  It's a bit hacky but seems to work.  It may end up being irrelevant depending on the info I get from SPI, but if it does look useful I can push it somewhere.
[00:25:34] <mupuf> :)
[00:26:47] <bryce> regarding gpg keys, I don't know if we want to establish a web of trust by exchanging keys in person, but if not they're easy enough for me to add if we just want to collect them from board members via email.
[00:27:21] <robclark> in-person would have been a good idea @ XDC ;-)
[00:27:57] <bryce> going forward that should certainly be an agenda item, to incorporate new board members
[00:28:41] <mupuf> sounds good!
[00:28:43] <bryce> mupuf, think that covers it.
[00:28:54] <mupuf> very good, next then!
[00:28:57] <mupuf> members expiration?
[00:28:58] <robclark> mupuf, btw, look reasonable: https://hastebin.com/mawufupufu.diff
[00:29:15] <mupuf> yeah, looks good!
[00:29:53] <whot> will do after the meeting
[00:30:14] <whot> it's just a matter of running the right script and hoping email works :)
[00:30:46] <whot> ftr: I'll expire *all* of them, that way I don't have to modify the script, less chance of screwing things up
[00:31:00] <mupuf> yep
[00:31:05] <whot> and I don't think clicking a button to renew is too much to ask, even from brand-new members :)
[00:31:16] <mupuf> agreed
[00:32:00] <agd5f> I'm working on the election schedule, will send it out to the committee soon
[00:32:29] <mupuf> ok, good!
[00:35:42] <mupuf> then this is it?
[00:35:48] <mupuf> The meeting is closed?
[00:35:52] <robclark> btw, on members agreement..
[00:36:19] <robclark> do we want to have some sort of "comments period" or something?
[00:36:31] <robclark> or just go straight to "here's the update, vote on it"?
[00:37:11] <mupuf> robclark: well, let's open for comments as early as possible!
[00:37:17] <whot> tbh, the changes seem pretty uncontroversial
[00:37:44] <robclark> right, I was more thinking if we missed something... after all it was someone not on the board that pointed out that it really needed updating in the first place :-P
[00:38:10] <robclark> but I guess if we put the new version out there with some time before voting starts, that would do the trick..
[00:38:59] <agd5f> yeah, people may start requesting ponies and such.  how do you draw the line on what is a reasonable request?
[00:39:24] <mupuf> agd5f: well, they may, but it is a request for comment
[00:39:35] <mupuf> not a "we will let you do whatever the fuck you want"
[00:39:42] <whot> agd5f: requesting is fine, doesn't mean we need to honour all requests :)
[00:39:48] <robclark> right
[00:42:13] <bryce> perhaps couch it as 'proposed changes' rather than 'comments' would help keep things more constructive?
[00:43:21] <whot> "review proposed changes"
[00:43:28] <whot> that way it's clear that's a review only :)
[00:44:26] <robclark> I'm ok if someone wants to bring up a concern they might hypothetically have w/ other part of member agreement..   I'm *probably* overthinking this.. but I don't think comments have to be limited to the proposed changes
[00:44:27] <bryce> yeah
[00:46:48] <robclark> mupuf, btw, sent out "pls update wiki" spam.. skipped wayland list, but I guess if you are talking to whoever is in charge of wayland about whether they are applying as separate org for GSoC, let them know they can fwd it to wayland list if they want to use xorg wiki... (I just didn't want it to look like I was pushing/forcing them to use xorg wiki)
[00:47:15] <mupuf> ack
[00:47:20] <mupuf> I will ping pq about that
[00:47:34] <robclark> k, thx
[00:49:17] <whot> robclark: if they have a have a comment, I'm sure they'll speak up
[00:49:40] <mupuf> we can ask them to read the agreement again too
[00:54:03] <robclark> sounds good
[00:58:03] <whot> ok, you should've all gotten the expiry email now
[00:59:46] -*- robclark renewed
[01:00:48] <whot> robclark: yep, got it, and daniels as well, so we can assume it's working
[01:00:59] <robclark> cool