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[23:00:48] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:52] <agd5f> happy new year!
[23:02:54] <danvet> whot, robclark, mupuf, egbert, keithp, bryce: happy new year all!
[23:03:03] <robclark> o/
[23:04:28] <whot> danvet: ah, right, that happened. happy new year
[23:05:25] <danvet> Agenda: election, membership agreement, khronos, gsoc, board@ archive
[23:06:02] * bryce waves
[23:06:19] <danvet> aganda += financial records
[23:06:23] <danvet> hi bryce ;-)
[23:06:27] <bryce> heya
[23:06:38] <whot> danvet: is that an appropriate list append? :)
[23:06:47] <bryce> no news on financial records stuff, was going to work on it this morning but didn't get around to it
[23:07:01] <danvet> bryce, ok
[23:07:29] <danvet> I guess we'll start
[23:07:40] <danvet> election season and member renewal is upon us
[23:07:49] <danvet> I guess we haven't done anything yet?
[23:07:53] * danvet was out sick last mtg
[23:08:04] <whot> correct
[23:08:27] <danvet> so election committee I'd propose agd5f, whot, bryce, egbert & keithp
[23:08:30] <whot> I got a steady stream of applications especially after XDC so I don't think we should just blanked expire all of them
[23:08:33] <danvet> since whot said he won't run again
[23:08:42] <whot> need to figure out how to expire all that are say 6m or older
[23:08:55] <danvet> hm yeah, makes sense
[23:09:08] <agd5f> I don't mind running the election as long as someone else takes care of setting up the ballot :)
[23:09:15] <robclark> danvet, I think we decided last mtg that those not up for re-election (or retiring) run the election..
[23:09:21] <whot> agd5f: what, you don't like the clicky interface? :)
[23:09:22] <danvet> agd5f, was just about to volunteer you ;_)
[23:09:54] <danvet> so no objects on those items?
[23:10:35] <agd5f> sounds fine to me
[23:10:58] <whot> danvet: we can't expire the members until we have the membership agreement
[23:11:05] <danvet> agd5f, so you'll run the election show, I'll keep taking notes for minutes?
[23:11:08] <whot> because they all need to sign off on the new one
[23:11:15] <danvet> whot, we can't change that without a vote
[23:11:20] <agd5f> danvet, yes, will do
[23:11:36] <danvet> and it has an auto-upgrade close wrt the outdated bylaws, so it's not too bad really
[23:12:26] <danvet> at least I think we can renew with the old membership, vote, hopefully approve the new membership agreement (again needs 2/3 of all members, like bylaws) and then hopefully not have to vote again next year about any of this ;-)
[23:12:33] <danvet> agd5f, thx a lot
[23:12:46] <agd5f> sure
[23:13:03] <whot> wait, we need to vote on the membership agreement too?
[23:13:05] <robclark> seems odd that member agreement needs a member vote (since they vote by accepting or not the new agreement)..
[23:13:08] <keithp> danvet: it's now 2/3 of the vote, not 2/3 of the members though?
[23:13:18] <whot> i thought that was a board only thing
[23:13:29] <danvet> keithp, I think we didn't change that, to avoid a storm
[23:14:07] <robclark> so.. "any written modifications to the Agreement must have the approval of the quorum of the members
[23:14:07] <robclark> in attendance at a special meeting as specified in the X.Org By-laws, and the approval of the
[23:14:07] <robclark> Management Agents Legal Counsel;"
[23:14:18] <danvet> sect 2.2: "The Mem-
[23:14:18] <danvet> bership Agreement may be repealed or amended as defined by the Special Voting Requirements in section
[23:14:18] <danvet> 3.8."
[23:14:27] <robclark> so what is a "special meeting" ;-)
[23:14:54] <danvet> and 3.8 still says "... is approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members:"
[23:15:26] <whot> right, so we have two questions again
[23:15:29] <danvet> robclark, is that from the membership agreement
[23:15:30] <danvet> ?
[23:15:34] <robclark> right
[23:15:37] <whot> at least this one shouldn't be too controversial
[23:15:49] <danvet> robclark, probably needs to be updated to reflect the wording in the bylaws
[23:16:06] <robclark> ok..  I guess more patches then
[23:16:06] <danvet> whot, I hope so
[23:16:19] <danvet> and phoronix will have fun typing articles about our incomptence again ;-)
[23:16:42] <robclark> also, do we still have any legal center of gravity in Mass?, ie "This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts"..
[23:16:59] <danvet> agd5f, whot: request to you two: pls document all the election stuff on the wiki somewhere
[23:17:10] <danvet> since I expect I'll get volunteered next year ;-)
[23:17:42] <bryce> robclark, nothing I've seen mentioned Mass
[23:17:55] <bryce> delaware, new york, and now whereever SPI is located
[23:18:01] <robclark> so I should drop that from members agreement I guess
[23:18:17] <robclark> I guess MA dates back to the really early days somehow
[23:18:18] <agd5f> danvet, there used to be an election wiki with all of this mostly documented.  I hope it still exists :)
[23:18:33] <whot> if not, I should have a backup of it
[23:18:38] <danvet> agd5f, in that case, can you just digg it out pls?
[23:18:51] * danvet doesn't know where that thing is
[23:19:01] <whot> "on expo" :)
[23:19:02] <robclark> yeah, it should be one that we moved to fd.o..
[23:19:04] <robclark> expo..
[23:19:07] <agd5f> danvet, yeag, will do.  I was planning to use it to
[23:19:13] <danvet> do we have some board private wiki?
[23:19:17] <agd5f> typ
[23:19:18] * danvet no idea about that ...
[23:19:21] <agd5f> yup even
[23:19:25] <danvet> ok
[23:19:47] <bryce> danvet, maybe just use the archives repo?  private enough, and we all know git...
[23:19:48] <danvet> just reply with the link or wherever it is to the minutes
[23:19:57] <danvet> bryce, might be an option
[23:20:10] <danvet> otoh no need to make the election process private
[23:20:24] <bryce> danvet, if it doesn't have to be private, the regular wiki has a subdir for policies... that's where I stuck the travel policy
[23:20:34] <danvet> agd5f, anything else for election, or will you + whot take care?
[23:20:44] <agd5f> link used to be: https://members.x.org/bod/ElectionCommittee
[23:20:44] <bryce> that'd probably be the first place I'd think to check for something like this
[23:21:06] <agd5f> seems to be broken now
[23:21:18] <robclark> hmm
[23:21:35] <robclark> looks like it is looking for my original openshift thing :-/
[23:22:02] <robclark> which might not exist anymore due to inactivity
[23:22:30] <whot> so summary: member agreement this year is current one, election is for board + new agreement
[23:22:31] <robclark> well, I can recreate that easily enough.. I didn't realize fd.o was just proxying back to openshift
[23:22:43] <danvet> whot, yeah
[23:23:14] <danvet> robclark, might be better to move to fd.o?
[23:23:17] <whot> ok, that's workable. I'll work out a timeline with agd5f 
[23:23:22] <egbert> hi guys. sorry for being late
[23:23:22] <danvet> thx
[23:23:36] <robclark> danvet, yeah, that is what I thought we did, since we had problems w/ email notifications from the cloud..
[23:24:05] <agd5f> I think I have enough notes from the last time I ran the election that I can probably re-create enough of it to get by, but it would be nice to salvage the old one if possible.
[23:24:56] <robclark> so, I still have a local git archive of the expo setup from late July.. so easy enough to recreate modulo any updates since then (if there were any)
[23:24:59] <egbert> i'm fine with helping with the election. i was doing it two years ago. 
[23:25:09] <egbert> so i should be able to manage.
[23:25:40] <danvet> robclark, probaly not if it's been broken since then ;-)
[23:26:08] <danvet> so I guess that's all about election?
[23:26:19] <danvet> for now at least
[23:26:19] <agd5f> anholt send a copy of it to the board list back in 2010 when expo was getting shaky
[23:26:27] <robclark> well, it was more recently that my openshift was removed due to inactivity..  but I think it was 6mo inactivity that triggered it to be deleted (so either way there probably where no changes)
[23:27:01] <danvet> robclark, anything else on the membership agreement besides the things we've discussed?
[23:27:23] <danvet> needs a few more patches to match the new bylaws, I noted that part already in the minutes
[23:27:46] <robclark> I guess we are using SPI's address, and whatever state SPI is incorporated in for interpretation of legal aspects of agreement?
[23:27:55] <robclark> right
[23:28:03] <agd5f> seems logical
[23:28:04] <danvet> probably best
[23:28:27] <robclark> the address and state was the main open question.. I'll spend a bit more time on it tomorrow morning and fire out a v2 patchset
[23:28:39] <robclark> (main open question from me at least)
[23:29:08] <danvet> other one is the update procedure that needs to match the new bylaws
[23:29:22] <danvet> maybe just reference the bylaws without details
[23:29:41] <robclark> right
[23:30:06] <robclark> (that was just something I overlooked.. not something I was confused about *what* to do ;-))
[23:32:37] <danvet> next up khronos: still nothing from spi ...
[23:32:43] <danvet> or anything else really :(
[23:32:53] <bryce> holidays
[23:33:02] <robclark> I suppose bookending the holidays w/ board mtgs is less useful ;-)
[23:34:06] <bryce> although there was a lengthy thread on SPI being exceptionally slow on financial stuff.  May be same troubles on legal side.
[23:34:30] <danvet> ok, I'll give them another bit of waiting time before pinging again
[23:35:05] <danvet> gsoc then
[23:35:07] <bryce> yeah, persistence was the trick last year for getting paypal &tc going
[23:35:10] <danvet> mupuf, around?
[23:35:22] <danvet> or who is all doing gsoc this year?
[23:35:49] <agd5f> I can submit the application, but I don't have time to beat on students and mentors
[23:36:03] <danvet> yeah, lack of that was a bit an issue last year
[23:36:12] <agd5f> I think mupuf was in the same boat
[23:36:25] <danvet> yup, last year this time was real bad here at intel ...
[23:36:35] <danvet> should be better this year
[23:36:35] <robclark> btw, step #0 is beating on each other and other community members about updating gsoc project ideas wiki page ;-)
[23:36:48] <danvet> robclark, can you help out a bit with gsoc beating?
[23:37:07] <robclark> yeah, I suppose so..
[23:37:16] <danvet> thx
[23:37:21] <robclark> I meant to update freedreno project ideas today but got busy
[23:37:36] <agd5f> admins don't have to be board members if anyone knows of anyone that would want to help out
[23:38:15] <whot> send an email to members@ to ask if anyone wants to help
[23:38:16] <bryce> any viable past gsoc participants?
[23:38:35] <danvet> robclark, I guess you'll send a mail out to board@ usual dev mailing lists asking for projects?
[23:38:44] <danvet> could maybe ask for any admin volunteers too?
[23:38:54] * robclark was about to suggest the same
[23:38:55] <danvet> bryce, good idea
[23:39:02] <robclark> sure
[23:39:06] <agd5f> yeah, sounds reasonable
[23:39:28] <danvet> sounds like gsoc on track then?
[23:40:16] <agd5f> I think so.  gsoc org applications are due in feb I think?
[23:41:03] <danvet> 19th Jan to 9th Feb per last minutes
[23:41:32] <agd5f> It'll be close, but I think we can pull it off ;)
[23:41:38] <danvet> final item: board@ archive in the bod.git repo
[23:41:53] <danvet> I think everyone agreed that's a reasonable idea
[23:42:11] <danvet> I'll try to make it happen and then one of the old-timers here can upload the back-history
[23:42:13] <whot> yeah, but that was before we found out that the mailman archive exists, wasnt it?
[23:42:24] <danvet> whot, oh, it does?
[23:42:36] <agd5f> yup
[23:42:40] <danvet> where?
[23:43:01] * danvet doing a great job on "keeping the records" it seems ;-)
[23:43:24] <whot> https://foundation.x.org/cgi-bin/mailman/private/board/
[23:43:35] <bryce> I think I need to prep a treasurer report at some point here too, per the bylaws
[23:43:36] <agd5f> https://foundation.x.org/cgi-bin/mailman/private/board/
[23:44:52] <whot> goes back to Nov 2005 (per last irc log)
[23:46:07] <danvet> oh, it even knows my password
[23:46:18] <danvet> ok, that's taken care of
[23:47:33] <agd5f> maybe we should add links to the archive and the elections wiki to the xorg wiki for posterity

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