[23:59:37] <mupuf> egbert, whot: ping
[23:59:42] <mupuf> agd5f: ping
[00:00:00] - {Day changed to Friday, 23 December 2016}
[00:00:17] <robclark> so I guess to get one topic out of the way, I haven't had any time to do anything w/ updating members agreement yet..  how long do we have before election?
[00:00:29] <whot> mupuf: I'm here
[00:01:46] <mupuf> robclark: election should be finished max in march
[00:01:52] <mupuf> now is a good time to start planing
[00:01:57] <mupuf> we have been drifting more and more
[00:02:08] <robclark> ok..  so at least you didn't say Jan 1st ;-)
[00:02:20] <whot> speaking of which, we should expire the members as every year
[00:02:49] <robclark> right, expire and member re-sign-up is probably the deadline we actually care about for updating members agreement..
[00:02:51] <mupuf> ok, so what topics do we have?
[00:03:07] <robclark> (I *think* I should have some time for it next week, fwiw)
[00:03:17] <robclark> not really sure what other topics we have
[00:03:26] <keithp> it is pretty quiet this week, I'd hope
[00:04:13] <mupuf> elections, Khronos, archiving board@
[00:04:21] <mupuf> maybe GSoC
[00:04:30] <mupuf> anything else?
[00:04:53] -*- robclark thinks of nothing else
[00:05:19] <mupuf> ok, then let's start the meeting
[00:05:27] <mupuf> robclark: elections, what do we need to do?
[00:05:48] <mupuf> are you the selected one to take care of it? Do you need pointers?
[00:06:11] -*- robclark didn't realize he had signed up for more than updating member's agreement..
[00:06:45] <mupuf> robclark: fair enough :D
[00:06:55] <robclark> I guess if whot isn't going for re-election, probably not a horrible idea for someone else to do election this time around while whot is still around for tech support..
[00:07:04] <mupuf> we need someone to take care of this though, and it cannot be anyone who will be up for re-electiom
[00:07:09] <robclark> (although might be good to be someone not up for re-election?)
[00:07:28] <robclark> I think I'm up for re-election, aren't I?
[00:07:56] <whot> traditionally the election committee were the 4 that got elected that year, sort-of as a contratulations :)
[00:08:11] <robclark> makes sense
[00:08:14] <mupuf> robclark: oh, I thought you got elected last year
[00:08:15] <mupuf> sorry
[00:08:25] <robclark> np
[00:08:33] <whot> that'd be egbert, agd5f, keithp and bryce 
[00:08:45] <keithp> no, rob, mupuf, whot and danvet are timing out this year
[00:09:30] <mupuf> then I guess agd5f may be up for organising it then :D
[00:09:45] <mupuf> since he is not here to say otherwise :D
[00:09:50] <whot> hehe
[00:09:50] <keithp> Always bad to miss a meeting :-)
[00:10:12] <mupuf> ok, so let's try to get the election around february
[00:10:12] <whot> that email I sent to the board list with the howto should still work, it's not like we changed anything in the system
[00:10:26] <mupuf> yeah
[00:10:39] <whot> mupuf: you mean *started* around february, there's heaps of timeouts so an election takes at least 8 weeks or so
[00:11:02] <mupuf> yeah, the first week after fosdem
[00:11:22] <mupuf> being the first deadline: AKA registration deadline
[00:13:36] <mupuf> ok, let's move on
[00:13:51] <mupuf> Khronos
[00:14:02] <mupuf> AFAIR, no answers from Martin
[00:14:14] <mupuf> we would need to ask them why it is taking so long :s
[00:14:44] <robclark> probably worth pinging them a day or so before whenever their board mtgs are, fwiw..
[00:15:38] <mupuf> sounds like a good idea
[00:15:51] <mupuf> Until then, seems like everyone is busy
[00:16:08] <mupuf> archiving board@: What do we do with this?
[00:16:17] <mupuf> any news on the encrypted git repo?
[00:17:34] <robclark> archive good idea, not sure if git is best way to do that though..
[00:18:24] <mupuf> well, it has to be private
[00:18:31] <mupuf> what else?
[00:18:33] <robclark> I guess danvet and bryce not around, so maybe we shouldn't expect any news on encrypted git repo..
[00:18:40] <mupuf> agreed
[00:18:53] <mupuf> Well, I guess that leaves GSoC. 
[00:19:19] <mupuf> January 19 16:00 UTC --> application deadline
[00:19:21] <robclark> I think private is sufficient..  idk, seems silly to have a script make a git commit on every board@ email.. but I guess in the end I'd defer to whoever volutneers to implement it :-P
[00:19:34] <mupuf> hehe, yeah
[00:19:53] <robclark> hmm, that soon for GSoC..
[00:19:55] <mupuf> err, February 9 16:00 UTC is the deadline
[00:20:02] <robclark> ahh
[00:20:03] <mupuf> but it opens on the 19th
[00:20:22] <mupuf> we need to contact the wayland team to know if they still want to be separate
[00:20:39] <mupuf> and we need to be more active in asking for potential good projects
[00:21:12] <robclark> right
[00:21:44] <mupuf> agd5f may be able to help there, again :p
[00:21:55] <mupuf> because he has nothing to worry about at AMD right now :D
[00:22:51] <mupuf> more seriously though, if I am mentoring again this year, I would like someone else to handle the general GSoC business
[00:22:51] <robclark> I guess/assume on the application side, we can more or less submit same application as last year, modulo confirming w/ wayland their plans?
[00:23:14] <mupuf> because I fail to do the work properly of keeping track of everyone's progress
[00:23:23] <mupuf> yes
[00:24:25] <robclark> ok, we should probably decide who handles heading up general GSoC end of things at next mtg when (hopefully) more ppl present..  mean time, I guess that doesn't stop us from poking people to make sure GSoC ideas wiki page is up to date, etc..
[00:24:44] <mupuf> yeah
[00:25:08] <mupuf> February 27 <-- this is when we need to have some projects already listed
[00:25:29] <mupuf> March 20 is when we need it done entirely
[00:25:48] <robclark> on administrative side, if we can more or less reuse last years application, that doesn't sound like it would take huge amount of time so not *too* urgent quite yet.... the thing that takes time is coming up w/ project ideas and then making sure potential students get the message about pre-reqs of upstream patches and that sort of thing early enough that they have time to apply..
[00:26:26] <mupuf> I can do this part
[00:27:17] <mupuf> what I need help with: Checking the progress of students and posting about that
[00:27:24] <mupuf> and forcing them to communication
[00:27:28] <mupuf> communicate*
[00:27:35] <mupuf> I can do it with my students, but that's it
[00:27:42] <robclark> ok, fair enough
[00:28:40] <mupuf> this is ~1h/week
[00:28:41] <robclark> well, if no one else volunteers, I can... but would like to give a chance for someone else to do it (and trying to avoid to overcommit too much ;-))
[00:28:57] <robclark> (which is why I suggested bringing up next mtg ;-))
[00:28:59] <mupuf> yeah, overcommiting is easy :D
[00:29:03] <mupuf> agreed
[00:29:21] <mupuf> ok, I guess there isn't much to say
[00:29:27] <mupuf> and we can call this meeting closed?
[00:29:38] <robclark> I guess so