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[22:55:33] <bryce> 10 mins to meeting?
[22:56:43] <robclark> 5 even
[23:01:13] <keithp> 0
[23:01:23] <keithp> and I'm late :-)
[23:01:33] <danvet> hi all
[23:01:57] <danvet> mupuf, whot, egbert around?
[23:02:00] * bryce waves
[23:02:03] <robclark> o/
[23:02:08] <danvet> agd5f already said he needs to ferry daughter around
[23:02:37] <danvet> Agenda: spi transition, khronos adoption agreement, membership agreement,
[23:02:37] <danvet> financial records
[23:02:42] <danvet> anything else while we wait?
[23:02:52] <agd5f> I'm out the door.  If you need anything from me, feel free to ping and I'll follow up later
[23:06:53] <bryce> danvet, looks good shall I start?
[23:07:16] <keithp> sounds good.
[23:07:47] <bryce> the X.org assets have been verified as transferred to SPI now
[23:07:55] <danvet> yeah
[23:08:04] <bryce> so I've been working on finishing up the dissolution paperwork
[23:08:17] <danvet> excellent
[23:08:22] <bryce> our Fiscal Year ends on the 31st, so would be nice to get it filed before then
[23:08:31] <bryce> I have a few questions though
[23:08:32] <danvet> hm, reminds me: whot, did the xorg-foundation.org transfer go through?
[23:08:38] <bryce> http://www.bryceharrington.org/Files/dissolution_form.png
[23:08:45] <bryce> ^^ this is what I've got
[23:08:47] <danvet> whois says yes
[23:08:54] <danvet> whot, ^^
[23:09:01] <bryce> a.  For officer I'm listing myself but not sure if I should list danvet rather?
[23:09:22] <danvet> bryce, secretary is an officer iirc per our bylaws
[23:09:31] <danvet> but don't ask me for what this means in a legal sense ;-)
[23:09:31] <keithp> bryce: we have two officers, secretary and treasurer
[23:09:44] <bryce> b.  Not sure what our "place of business is" but most of our IRS and etc. documents show the new york address for our legal folks so have used that
[23:09:51] <keithp> those are the two required by deleware law, iirc
[23:09:53] <bryce> let me know if there's anything better...
[23:10:13] <keithp> yes, the nyc addr is a fine one for 'place of business'
[23:10:17] <danvet> I think we always used the sflc address
[23:10:21] <keithp> yup
[23:10:28] <keithp> they have a mailbox
[23:10:30] <bryce> c.  The form lists a $25 filing fee.  I'm not sure how to actually pay that, if I should do it and request reimbursement, ask SPI to cut a check, ask SPI to actually do the filing, or...
[23:11:00] <keithp> bryce: you should pay and ask for reimbursement
[23:11:03] <keithp> SPI doesn't do filings
[23:11:06] <danvet> probably simplest if you upfront and then get reimbursed, if that's ok with you
[23:11:14] <bryce> from what I read from the bylaws, in any case, the board needs to vote on the expense before SPI will approve payment.
[23:11:32] <bryce> yeah that's fine, just want to make sure it's all kosher
[23:11:34] <danvet> we can do that now
[23:11:37] <bryce> great
[23:11:52] <danvet> 4 people plus my vote is enough to get it through, if everyone agrees ;-)
[23:12:01] <danvet> *my secretary vote
[23:12:10] <bryce> obvious +1 from me ;-)
[23:12:13] <keithp> +1
[23:12:15] <danvet> +1
[23:12:18] <danvet> robclark, ?
[23:12:21] <robclark> +1
[23:12:32] <keithp> sounds like success
[23:12:49] <danvet> and done
[23:12:58] <danvet> bryce, anything left to do with closing the bank account?
[23:13:04] <danvet> or has stuart taken care of all that?
[23:13:27] <bryce> danvet, if any tasks remain, stuart's the only one that can handle it
[23:13:31] <danvet> ok
[23:14:34] <bryce> thanks for the vote, I'll try and get the form sent today or tomorrow
[23:14:41] <keithp> good work
[23:14:42] <danvet> thx a lot
[23:15:39] <danvet> bryce, should we move on to financial records?
[23:16:02] <bryce> I sure hope I'm doing it right, there's a lot of semi-confusing directions on delaware's site.  Too many options.  :-)
[23:16:17] <bryce> danvet, yep
[23:16:45] <keithp> bryce: yeah, we've all made plenty of filing errors in our time
[23:16:50] <bryce> I'll also interject quickly regarding donations - I posted a $100 we got earlier this week, but there's also been a scattering of $5's and $10's landing the past few weeks
[23:16:52] <danvet> if I remember the encryption options right I liked the one most that encrypted individual files with some git crypt thing
[23:17:15] <danvet> and has some indirection between the encryption keys and the gpg keys so that we can handle changes in board members
[23:17:27] <danvet> bryce, oh awesome
[23:17:58] <bryce> right, there were a few alternatives we looked at, sounded like y'all favored one and that looked fine by me.  If someone can get that software installed and the repo set up, I can take care of getting the files populated into it.
[23:18:26] <danvet> probably not me, half-life of gpg keys I create is measured in hours ;-)
[23:18:54] <danvet> and I thought we could just add it to the board git repo we already have, as long as it doesn't require encrypting everything?
[23:19:31] <robclark> fwiw, we should rename memberagreement repo to something more generic (xorg-docs or xorg-bod-docs or something)
[23:20:24] <danvet> bryce, and I don't think we need to install anything, git crypt seems client-side only
[23:22:25] <danvet> bryce, ssh://danvet@gabe.freedesktop.org/srv/bod.x.org/archives.git
[23:22:39] <danvet> I think we can just add a subdir treasurer/ to that
[23:22:47] <danvet> and then encrypt per https://github.com/AGWA/git-crypt
[23:22:48] <keithp> danvet: presumably without the danvet@ part
[23:23:09] <danvet> and then add a few gpg users that you already have in your trust-chain until next xdc
[23:23:11] <danvet> keithp, ;-)
[23:24:25] <bryce> hmm, alright...  guess I can give that a go and cross my fingers I don't corrupt the repo or something
[23:24:37] <danvet> bryce, at the very bottom there's an example how to encrypt an entire subdir including any directories contained in there
[23:24:40] <keithp> what could possibly go wrong; it's just git
[23:24:54] <danvet> yeah, it's git, and I have a local copy too
[23:25:09] <danvet> bryce, if you want to can push to a branch there before we push to master
[23:25:32] <danvet> so feel free to wreak it ;-)
[23:25:38] <bryce> ok
[23:25:54] <danvet> bryce, sounds like a plan? imo doesn't need to happen super-fast, just a background thing if you're bored ...
[23:26:31] <bryce> yeah, makes me nervous.  git may be foolproof but sometimes that just means it proves me a fool
[23:26:42] <danvet> ;-)
[23:26:56] <bryce> danvet, yeah will be focusing on the dissolution stuff first
[23:27:12] <bryce> but on the topic of financial records
[23:27:42] <bryce> the bylaws say that I need to be tracking transactions in "the X.org books", and make those available to y'all
[23:28:35] <bryce> I'm guessing now with things transitioned to SPI it's probably time I start doing that
[23:28:39] <danvet> I guess we didn't have them, but with treasurer/ in archives.git we finally will have something proper
[23:28:48] <keithp> bryce: ledger?
[23:28:55] <bryce> but I'm not sure what "the books" should be
[23:28:56] <keithp> ledger-cli, that is?
[23:29:47] <bryce> I'm conversant in ledger, that's what I use for Inkscape
[23:29:55] <bryce> wondering though if that's overkill for our needs?
[23:30:14] <danvet> seems ok to me, I run a double-booked thing for my own finances for giggles, they should all be the same
[23:30:18] <danvet> but yes might be overkill
[23:30:21] * danvet no idea
[23:30:44] <keithp> dunno; it works pretty well, and is very git compatible
[23:30:54] <danvet> at the end we'll probably have XDC, Travel, internships and various and that's it
[23:30:55] <bryce> would you guys be comfortable using ledger if you wanted to check up on things?  Or would a plain text file or excel spreadsheet be more usable for you?
[23:31:06] <keithp> ledger would be nicer than excel
[23:31:40] <keithp> and certainly more useful than a simple 'checkbook'
[23:31:49] <danvet> from a super-quick look seems reasonable
[23:32:01] <danvet> as long as we don't go overboard with the accounting trickery I think that's fine
[23:32:05] <bryce> alright, fair enough
[23:32:07] * robclark ok with whatever..  I guess I can figure it out if need arises..
[23:32:22] <keithp> robclark: double entry bookkeeping from the command line. what's not to like?
[23:32:45] <danvet> sounds like we all approve ledger
[23:33:10] <bryce> it's relatively straightforward to write report generation scripts against ledger, to display the data in more layman friendly tables and such
[23:33:29] <bryce> danvet, ok, that's everything on my list.
[23:33:39] <danvet> bryce, if we do this it's probably the best xdc book since decades
[23:33:40] <robclark> keithp, we could resurrect http://www.linas.org/pub/gnucash/xacc/ .. motif based double entry :-P
[23:33:53] <keithp> robclark: emacs seems more modern than motif
[23:33:54] <bryce> <3 motif
[23:34:54] <danvet> anything else on financials?
[23:35:32] <bryce> nope
[23:35:39] <bryce> lot to do :-/
[23:36:10] <danvet> robclark, so members agreement stuff
[23:36:22] <danvet> I think renaming to xorg-docs makes sense
[23:36:37] * robclark pushed to https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~robclark/xorg-docs/ for now
[23:36:45] <robclark> if anyone wants to review the result
[23:36:50] <danvet> yeah I looked at it, seems all good
[23:37:09] <robclark> I guess if everyone is happy w/ the cosmetics then I guess time to start trying to update it
[23:37:23] <danvet> Imo should push to the main repo first (and maybe rename that)
[23:37:32] <robclark> ok.. who can do that?
[23:37:33] <danvet> then rework in some branch in there?
[23:37:40] <danvet> the server-side rename?
[23:37:50] <robclark> right..  and push too I guess..  can I?
[23:37:58] <danvet> I'd say so
[23:38:02] <danvet> assuming no one objects
[23:38:12] <danvet> and mupuf has some fdo admin rights for the rename
[23:38:23] <danvet> if not enough, you can ping daniels
[23:38:32] <robclark> k
[23:38:37] <bryce> xorg-docs would be separate from the archives repo?
[23:38:49] <danvet> yeah, it's the public stuff with bylaws and membership agreement
[23:39:16] <danvet> robclark, for the cleanup itself I'm not sure what exactly we should do with it
[23:39:30] <danvet> we're no longer a legal entity ...
[23:39:48] <robclark> hmm..
[23:39:50] <bryce> ok cool
[23:40:01] <robclark> presumably we still want some sort of members agreement?
[23:40:29] <keithp> danvet: we still are an organization, and still have voting for the board, so we still have members and a membership agreement. Nothing much has changed on that front.
[23:40:59] <danvet> keithp, yeah, I guess there's a bunch of things to keep ...
[23:41:18] <danvet> but e.g. item 1 isn't reflecting practice, you don't need to be a member to get cvs access ;-)
[23:42:07] <keithp> danvet: you have to be *very special* to get CVS access at this point
[23:42:16] <danvet> yeah ...
[23:42:59] <robclark> right..   I can take a pass thru and try and update some of that (and probably just rip out a bunch..  patches to xorg board list work?
[23:43:31] <danvet> I think updating the headings is the important part
[23:43:57] <danvet> then maybe separate commits to remove stuff like item 1. that clearly isn't current practice anymore
[23:44:07] <danvet> then we can go through them and vote on all of them
[23:44:16] <danvet> robclark, if you can prep that, would be awesome
[23:44:19] <danvet> signed up?
[23:45:12] <robclark> sure
[23:45:15] <danvet> thx
[23:45:26] <danvet> I guess that leaves khronos agreement on the agenda
[23:45:32] <danvet> spi didn't reply yet, I'll ping them again
[23:45:38] <danvet> otherwise I think nothing to do there yet?
[23:45:38] <robclark> was figuring individual patches to bod list so folks can comment on individual changes if needed, fwiw
[23:45:47] <robclark> yeah, think we are waiting for spi on that
[23:45:50] <danvet> yeah, sounds good too
[23:45:56] <danvet> Ok, I'll ping them again
[23:46:12] <robclark> thx
[23:46:20] <danvet> hm, one more ...
[23:46:35] <danvet> voting season starts, iirc we should start to send membership reminders about now?
[23:46:42] <danvet> whot isn't around though, nor egbert ...
[23:46:55] <danvet> I guess next time around?
[23:47:14] <robclark> yeah, I guess
[23:47:26] <danvet> ok
[23:47:33] <danvet> anything else, or time to roll it down?
[23:47:57] <robclark> best kind of mtg is one that ends early :-P
[23:48:11] <bryce> :-)
[23:48:33] <danvet> we've managed to be faster sometimes ...
[23:48:45] <danvet> I guess that's it, thx for hanging around

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