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[22:58:51] <whot> i think our topic is a bit out of date...
[23:00:09] <danvet> yeah ...
[23:00:13] <danvet> but mtg time!
[23:00:14] <whot> also, are we meeting today? isn't the US giving thanks and whatnot
[23:00:22] <whot> ok, that answers that question
[23:00:37] <danvet> well, who cares about thanksgiving outside of us ;-)
[23:00:48] <whot> true
[23:00:56] <danvet> but yeah, probably could have gone to bed now that you mention it ...
[23:01:05] <whot> actually, there's Erntedank, but isn't that at some other date?
[23:02:18] <danvet> yeah, Sept/Oct depending upon your flavour of Church
[23:02:38] <danvet> but I guess no one else around ...
[23:02:50] <danvet> mupuf, egbert, agd5f, bryce, robclark, keithp ?
[23:03:08] <whot> danvet: strawberry?
[23:03:24] <egbert> hi!
[23:03:25] <danvet> ?
[23:03:31] <whot> nevermind, bad jok
[23:03:33] <whot> e
[23:03:59] <egbert> did i spoil the no-board meeting?
[23:04:09] <danvet> egbert, not yet
[23:04:41] <egbert> good. if we can't meet today i can at least go back to the party ;)
[23:04:47] <danvet> but for the agenda we'd need robclark & bryce
[23:05:28] <whot> wait another 5 and then cancel?
[23:05:32] <danvet> yeah
[23:05:34] <egbert> ok
[23:06:35] <danvet> or until egbert decides the party he's at is better than this and disappears, whichever happens first ;-)
[23:07:43] <bryce> it's Thanksgiving in the US, and I'm stepping out the door in 30 sec
[23:08:09] <danvet> bryce, yeah we figured that, but thx for quickly confirming
[23:08:26] <danvet> egbert, whot, bryce thx for showing, let's cancel
[23:08:35] <egbert> ok.
[23:08:36] * whot waves
[23:08:41] <egbert> good night!
[23:08:54] <mupuf> Oops,.sorry

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