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[22:53:12] <bryce> heh, someone needs to update the /topic
[22:56:23] <robclark>  /topic once upon a time the next meeting was at: ... 
[22:58:05] <agd5f> hi
[22:59:07] <egbert> hi
[22:59:29] <egbert> regarding the reimbursement policy: a late +1 from me as well.
[22:59:30] <robclark> o/
[23:00:15] <egbert> and bryce, thanks for taking carre of this!
[23:00:35] <bryce> egbert, thanks
[23:01:44] <danvet> hi all
[23:02:16] <danvet> keithp, mupuf, whot_ around too?
[23:02:52] <danvet> Agenda: spi transition, reimbursement, x.org, CFP process?
[23:02:55] <danvet> what else?
[23:04:42] * robclark shrugs
[23:06:38] <danvet> hm, I guess we'll start then
[23:06:40] <danvet> bryce?
[23:06:42] <mupuf> Hey
[23:07:36] <bryce> for the SPI transition, next step is getting the remaining funds from BofA transferred
[23:08:02] <bryce> I need to check with Stuart, that might have been done already (I don't have an easy way to verify just at the moment)
[23:08:24] <bryce> We also can now get donations via PayPal:
[23:08:30] <bryce> http://spi-inc.org/projects/x.org/
[23:09:01] <bryce> (I joined the SPI internal mailing list and noticed they were setting it up for other projects so went ahead and requested it be set up for X.org too)
[23:09:41] <bryce> the HTML for the Donate button there is unique to us, and so we can copy it and reuse it anywhere we want to encourage folks to donate to us.
[23:10:08] <bryce> e.g. in XDC announcements, slotted into appropriate areas of the wiki, or whatever.
[23:10:49] <robclark> probably not a bad idea to add it to x.org front page
[23:10:50] <bryce> for the SPI transition paperwork, I have everyone's postal address for the form except for agd5f's.
[23:11:17] <bryce> I believe once I have that address, and once I've confirmed the funds have been transferred to SPI, I can (finally) send that in.
[23:11:36] <bryce> I think that's it on SPI transition.
[23:11:37] <bryce>  
[23:11:40] <robclark> \o/
[23:11:47] <mupuf> Yeepee!
[23:12:16] <danvet> robclark, can you take care of the wiki?
[23:12:24] <bryce> reimbursements - at this point everyone *should* be reimbursed.  I'm going to do a doublecheck, and I'll send a summary to the list of who was paid and how much.
[23:12:34] <robclark> danvet, sure
[23:12:59] <agd5f> bryce, just emailed you my postal address
[23:12:59] <bryce> if I've missed anyone we'll maybe need to reimburse them out of SPI instead of BofA...  hoping we haven't missed anyone
[23:13:03] <danvet> we already have click&pledge, but paypal as a second option can't hurt
[23:13:05] <bryce> agd5f, excellent thanks
[23:13:17] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/SponsorshipPage/ <- here too pls
[23:13:35] <robclark> danvet, bryce, should I make x.org front page just link to paypal donate thing, or should it link to http://spi-inc.org/projects/x.org/ page?
[23:13:51] <bryce> fwiw, SPI is also looking into some Canadian-specific payment processing stuff, but don't know if we care about that
[23:13:54] <robclark> (ie. should I just embed paypal donate button thing?)
[23:13:59] <mupuf> Immediate buttons are better imo
[23:14:07] <bryce> robclark, embedding the button would be better
[23:14:10] <robclark> ok
[23:14:20] <danvet> +1 on immediate button
[23:15:04] <robclark> I think I can only do it via git unless I figure out wiki login thing.. so might take a couple git-push's to get right.. I guess I should try it out on SponsorshipPage and once I get it right cut/paste to front page
[23:15:05] <bryce> reimbursement policy -- there's a few really minor suggested edits that I'll follow up on but otherwise I think it's done.  It's posted and good to go for whenever we next do travel reimbursements.  Thanks everyone for voting!
[23:15:06] <danvet> btw, I guess would be good if we announce a bit that we can now accept donations
[23:15:11] <danvet> alanc, can you work twitter
[23:15:14] <danvet> mupuf, gsoc?
[23:15:29] <bryce> robclark, yeah I've only edited via git myself.  Not even sure whether the wiki login is enabled
[23:15:29] <mupuf> What should i say qbout it?
[23:15:39] <danvet> I have a few folks who asked where to donate over my time as secretary thus far, need to ping them
[23:15:48] <robclark> alanc, mupuf, I'll ping you when I have wiki fixed, if you want to send out g+ + twitter after wiki is in place
[23:16:01] * robclark will try to figure that out after mtg tonight
[23:16:04] <mupuf> Sounds good, rob!
[23:16:10] <danvet> mupuf, that we can take donations now and link to our page or so
[23:16:12] <bryce> also, we've gotten some scattered donations, I think three or four, in amounts from $10 to I think $50
[23:16:46] <danvet> mupuf, oh ... s/gsoc/g+/ I meant ;_)
[23:16:47] <bryce> I'm not sure where I can view an actual transaction ledger, but I am getting emails for each donation
[23:16:52] <danvet> bryce, nice
[23:17:10] <mupuf> Danvet: makes more sense :D
[23:17:20] <bryce> danvet, that's it from me I think
[23:17:56] <danvet> bryce, btw, do you know how to wind down the bank account?
[23:18:07] <danvet> just crossed my mind ...
[23:18:23] <danvet> bryce, also had a note about reimbursements, those are all done?
[23:19:14] <bryce> danvet, yep, once the remaining funds are transferred it can be closed out.  It's in Stuart's name (none of us have control over it) so it'll be on his todo list.
[23:19:36] <bryce> danvet, I believe so.  Again, I'm going to doublecheck and send out a summary so y'all can verify.
[23:19:38] <danvet> ah ok
[23:20:00] <danvet> excellent, thx a lot for taking care about all this!
[23:20:13] <mupuf> +1
[23:20:23] <robclark> indeed, +1
[23:20:52] <agd5f> +1
[23:21:23] <bryce> I'll send the +1's to stuart since he's had the hard part of dealing with BofA ;-)
[23:21:42] <robclark> probably jumping ahead, but if once all the final paperwork / bank stuff / etc, is done, we should get that out on g+ and twitter and planet.fd.o
[23:21:57] <egbert> right. +1 from me as well - and thnaks to Stuart for all the work he's done!
[23:22:35] <danvet> robclark, oh yes, and then shower stuart and bryce in praise ;-)
[23:22:44] <robclark> yup :-)
[23:22:50] <danvet> so next one: egbert's regular reminder about x.org domain status ...
[23:23:01] <danvet> egbert, ?
[23:23:20] <egbert> i mentioned alerady i won't be ab;e tp deal with it until later november.
[23:23:39] <danvet> hm, I guess I missed that one, I'll try to remember
[23:23:54] <egbert> while i say this - i will most likely miss the next meeting as i will be on a trade show
[23:24:41] <danvet> thx, noted
[23:25:00] <danvet> so one small one from me, but didn't really get around to it
[23:25:29] <danvet> I want to bake all the feedback we've gotten about this years xdc and formalize our cfp a bit more
[23:25:35] <danvet> for even more awesome xdc next year
[23:25:45] <danvet> together with mupuf, if he can find some time ;-)
[23:25:53] <mupuf> we should!
[23:26:09] <danvet> hopefully we'll have something soonish to discuss here a bit
[23:26:19] <robclark> cool
[23:26:19] <danvet> but ks/lpc next week, so not for the next mtg I think
[23:27:35] <danvet> I guess that's all?
[23:27:54] <egbert> looks like it :)
[23:28:30] <danvet> ok, closing then
[23:28:35] <mupuf> bye!
[23:28:40] <egbert> ok, thx! - good night!
[23:28:41] <danvet> thx everyone for hanging in there
[23:28:49] <danvet> g'night all

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