[[!format txt """ [23:02:45] [connected at Thu Oct 6 23:02:45 2016] [23:02:56] [I have joined #xf-bod] [23:03:19] Agenda: SPI transfer, travel payements, xdc debrief [23:03:42] keithp, agd5f, bryce, whot, egbert, robclark: hi all! [23:03:49] hola! [23:04:01] o/ [23:04:07] hm, or not? [23:04:15] * robclark thought someone said something about 13th instead? [23:04:18] next mtg is for next week, in the usual cadence ... [23:04:24] * danvet_ blames mupuf [23:04:29] * keithp goes back to sleep [23:04:34] :-P [23:04:38] * danvet_ clams down the panic [23:04:44] I guess next week it is then ;-) [23:04:46] sorry folks [11:28:03] [disconnected at Fri Nov 11 11:28:03 2016] [11:28:06] [connected at Fri Nov 11 11:28:06 2016] [11:28:17] [I have joined #xf-bod] [12:15:48] [disconnected at Sat Nov 12 12:15:48 2016] [12:15:48] [connected at Sat Nov 12 12:15:48 2016] [12:15:59] [I have joined #xf-bod] [11:19:37] [disconnected at Sun Nov 13 11:19:37 2016] [11:19:37] [connected at Sun Nov 13 11:19:37 2016] [11:19:48] [I have joined #xf-bod] [07:04:39] [disconnected at Mon Nov 14 07:04:39 2016] [07:04:40] [connected at Mon Nov 14 07:04:40 2016] [07:04:51] [I have joined #xf-bod] [11:42:35] mupuf, robclark: since it looks like we need a full election again to adjust the membership agreement [11:42:51] would be awesome to have the conversion/resurrected old thing ready soonish [12:43:21] agreed [12:43:59] * mupuf fears he will have little time until january though [17:32:33] danvet, (and all).. not showing up in cgit yet (I guess that could take an hr or two) but I've pushed an initial conversion of members agreement to git://people.freedesktop.org/~robclark/memberagreement [17:32:58] haven't really spent any time on the formatting or anything like that.. [17:33:32] (it does end up cut/paste a bunch of stuff from bylaws.. maybe we should just have a single "documents" git tree with both.. but wtvr..) [18:57:05] ok.. shows up in cgit now too: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~robclark/memberagreement/ [19:32:00] robclark, oh, awesome [19:32:58] I guess we could put it into the bylaws repo [19:33:09] since they both need the same level of voting apparently [19:33:12] if mupuf is correct [19:33:32] i.e. merge new bylaws into master, put member agreement (as-is) in there [19:33:40] then fix it up in a new branch for 2017 elections [19:34:00] someone said something about keeping them in diff git tree but I don't remember why (and perhaps that was just not considering the "code" sharing between the two) [19:34:22] I'll add it to same repo on a diff branch so they can be merged independently.. [19:34:44] (although I think there is no reason not to merge SPI branch.. I guess I could just go ahead and do that [19:34:45] ) [19:34:46] robclark: I said it because I expected it did not need the same voting [19:34:47] but it does [19:34:52] ahh, ok [19:34:56] gotcah [19:34:57] gotcha [19:35:06] robclark: yes, please merge the SPI [19:35:13] master? [19:35:16] SPI was approved [19:35:21] yes [19:35:26] that\s what I mean [19:35:28] merge to master [19:35:32] do we care about the history? [19:35:35] ok, will do [19:35:39] or should we squash all the patches? [19:35:54] I guess we can keep the history, as long as we tag the final thing [19:38:03] danvet, heh, apparently we can start good internet rumors in BoD mtgs :-P [19:41:35] yeah [19:41:43] I didn't think micheal would read irc logs [19:41:56] luck for us that we didn't mention the other stuff going on ;-) [19:42:37] but would be hilarious if arm gpu vendors now panic because none of them know which one it is [19:43:20] heheh [19:49:13] mupuf, is it intentional to checkin the generated pdf? Ie. should I do same w/ member's agreement? [19:50:04] danvet, heheh, keep 'em guessing (re: #dri-devel) [20:14:45] robclark: it is intentional [21:28:07] mupuf, danvet: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~robclark/xorg-docs/ [21:28:16] * robclark moved the repo to something w/ more generic name [21:42:35] well, that could be a way [21:42:42] create different directories [21:42:44] ? [22:11:12] I guess we could have different subdir's.. seemed a bit like overkill, but I guess if we start having more than two docs it might make more sense? [22:51:56] yeah [07:02:18] [disconnected at Tue Nov 15 07:02:18 2016] [07:02:18] [connected at Tue Nov 15 07:02:18 2016] [07:02:29] [I have joined #xf-bod] [07:46:20] bryce, did you get the pile of treasurer reports too from martin? [18:51:12] danvet, recently? no [18:51:42] hm ... [18:51:49] maybe they go to secretary@ [18:51:56] should we ask spi to send them to board@? [18:55:31] bryce, I'll reply in private (it's some distribution list) and cc you [18:55:59] bryce, if you want these, I can forward them all to you [18:56:03] or you&board@ [18:56:45] danvet, yes please [18:57:20] yeah I know spi is supposed to be sending treasurer reports on a monthly basis but I haven't seen any so far [18:59:04] well, I got them now [19:07:15] danvet, thanks ahead of time for forwarding them, and yes either get them to also send to board@ or at least treasurer@ [19:07:58] if the latter, then I'll be diligent about saving them into the board repo in case others want to review later [19:16:21] tbh I think just saving the yearly treasurer report for x.org in the repo should be fine [19:16:31] on that topic: totally forgot that we have that conversion going [19:16:35] * danvet adds agenda item [19:16:42] bryce, or are you keeping track? [19:18:56] which conversation? [19:28:41] the previous spi treasurer report was for january 2016. there have been delays for the following ones, which sound like they've finally been resolved. [20:03:45] interesting they're using Ledger, that's what we use for Inkscape [20:04:18] danvet, ok so guess we're still waiting on sept and oct? short story here is for Aug we had a $50 donation. [20:05:22] bryce, yeah, only got the 8 ones I fwded [20:26:52] bryce: i think part of the delay was migrating from whatever random spreadsheet they had to ledger so it would be saner in the future :) [20:27:24] jcristau, that'd explain it [20:27:47] we use Ledger for Inkscape so I recognized the report style immediately :-) [08:08:02] [disconnected at Wed Nov 16 08:08:02 2016] [08:08:04] [connected at Wed Nov 16 08:08:04 2016] [08:08:14] [I have joined #xf-bod] [07:06:32] [disconnected at Thu Nov 17 07:06:32 2016] [07:06:33] [connected at Thu Nov 17 07:06:33 2016] [07:06:43] [I have joined #xf-bod] [08:48:15] [disconnected at Fri Nov 18 08:48:15 2016] [08:48:17] [connected at Fri Nov 18 08:48:17 2016] [08:48:26] [I have joined #xf-bod] [09:35:33] [disconnected at Sat Nov 19 09:35:32 2016] [09:35:33] [connected at Sat Nov 19 09:35:33 2016] [09:35:44] [I have joined #xf-bod] [03:11:58] egbert is now known as Guest222