Date is 2016-07-08, times are UTC+10.

06:52 < mupuf_> hello guys!
06:55 < whot> morning lads
06:58 < robclark> o/
06:59 < mupuf_> good night lads! :p
07:01 < agd5f> howdy
07:02 < whot> bryce, keithp, egbert: ping
07:02 < whot> danvet is excutes, I'll pretend to be a useful secretary today
07:02 < whot> excused
07:02 < whot> also, it's too cold to type here...
07:04 < mupuf_> whot: No worries, finland isn't that warm right now
07:04 < mupuf_> apparently, the entire europe is cold now
07:04 < robclark> whot, you could send us some of your cold weather.. I'd be happy to send you some of our warm weather :-P
07:04 < whot> hehe
07:04 < robclark> just got to sort out the shipping :-P
07:04 <+egbert> hi guys!
07:04 < whot> can't afford shipping rates here :)
07:04 < whot> agenda: xdc, gsoc, evoc, spi, anything else?
07:04 < whot> mupuf_: xdc updates? other than the weather? :)
07:05 < mupuf_> nothing, no. I need to send a reminder for the CFP in a few days
07:05 < mupuf_> I have a reminder in my calendar
07:05 < mupuf_> we got > 20 poeple already
07:05 < mupuf_> (attendees)
07:06 < robclark> (oh yeah, I need to add my name some day..)
07:06 < mupuf_> hehe
07:06 < whot> just did the same :)
07:06 < mupuf_> for cattering, I gave an approximate count of 80
07:06 < whot> did we ever hear back from the guy?
07:06 < bryce> hi all
07:06  * mupuf_ can't remember
07:07 -!- mupuf_ is now known as mupuf
07:08 < mupuf> everything seems to be going smoothly here, there isn't much to do
07:08 < mupuf> cattering was the biggest headache for bordeaux
07:08 < whot> ok. moving on then
07:08 < whot> any updates for gsoc?
07:08 < mupuf> midterms passed. Now google contacted us for the summit
07:08 < mupuf> I will ask my manager if I could go there, for once :D
07:08 < whot> where is it?
07:09 < mupuf> california, for a change :D
07:09 < mupuf> let me check
07:09 < whot> just around the corner from you then :)
07:09 < mupuf> Sunnyvale
07:09 < mupuf> exactly :D
07:09 < whot> iirc stukreit offered to go once because it used to be around the corner for him. not sure how far sunnyvale is but it's at least the same timezone
07:10 < mupuf> not that I am a particular fan of traveling to the US, but catching some sun before the winter do not seem like a bad idea
07:10 < whot> so if you can't make it maybe stukreit wants to go instead
07:10 < mupuf> and, I wouldn't mind finally meeting a few googlers, and discuss about XDC plans
07:11 < mupuf> well, it makes sense for me to go since I have been doing it for for 3 years now
07:11 < mupuf> so... I also don't want them to think we think we are above it
07:12 < mupuf> and I will likely learn a thing or two about how to deal with the students
07:14 < whot> fair enough
07:14 < whot> ok, I guess that sums up gsoc, anythign for evoc?
07:14 < mupuf> marcoz: ???
07:15 < whot> stukreit, bryce: I have the initial transfer in the minutes from last time, has that happened yet?
07:17 < bryce> whot, not sure; stukreit was going to initiate that I believe?
07:18 < bryce> whot, I don't know of any blockers for it, hopefully it's either done or should be straightforward
07:18 < whot> ok, thanks. let's see if stukreit responds over the next few minutes
07:18 < bryce> *nod*
07:18 < whot> what's the SPI status?
07:19 < whot> from my side: still working on the domain donation thing, need to ping ppl again
07:19 < bryce> whot, yeah, you probably saw the email from Mishi.  We got clarification for daniel's question as to the documentation
07:19 < bryce> so, sounds like it's a simple matter of daniel spending some quality time with libreoffice...  ;-)
07:19 < whot> lucky him...
07:20 < marcoz> mupuf,   i got pulled away.   nothing for evoc.
07:21 < bryce> unfortunately, we still seem not to be listed on click & pledge
07:21 < bryce>
07:21 < bryce> last I checked with SPI sounded like that was going to be done asap, so not sure what happened.  I'll follow up again.
07:22 < whot> ok
07:23 < bryce> whot, I think that covers where we are with SPI.  Beyond that I'm staring at the pile of banking docs.  I still plan to get them into git, but haven't started on that yet.
07:25 < whot> ok. I think that's it for topics today then unless anyone has anything else?
07:26  * whot watches a tumbleweed roll past
07:27  * robclark got nuthin ;-)
07:27 <+egbert> nothing from here either.
07:27 <+egbert> so, good night :)
07:27 < mupuf> night!
07:27 <+egbert> mupuf: congrats btw
07:27 < whot> alrighty, we'll finish in record time then. thanks for attending, talk to you all in 2 weeks
07:27 < mupuf> egbert: what for?
07:27 <+egbert> mupuf: didn't you watch soccer?
07:27 < robclark> cya
07:28 < agd5f> bye
07:28 < mupuf> oh, right, I do not care much about sports :)
07:28 < whot> egbert: there's going to be a lot of tears watering down the beer tonight :)
07:28 <+egbert> mupuf: i don't either. but still :)
07:28 < mupuf> Next time will be for you ;)
07:29 <+egbert> mupuf: i'll survive ;)
07:29  * bryce waves