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[22:55:43] <bryce> danvet, I'm here btw, just grabbing a sandwich since I skipped lunch again; don't mark me absent
[22:55:56] <danvet> bryce, sure ;-)
[23:00:18] <danvet> Hi all!
[23:01:02] <egbert> hi guys!
[23:01:09] <stukreit> hi!
[23:01:34] <robclark> o/
[23:02:25] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, evoc, spi transfers, x.org, xdc
[23:02:27] <danvet> robclark, \o
[23:02:36] <danvet> mupuf_, keithp agd5f whot around?
[23:02:48] <mupuf_> dumbbell: yo!
[23:02:55] <mupuf_> wow, that is lucky!
[23:03:05] <danvet> ?
[23:03:24] * mupuf_ is in a very small village in the countryside of France
[23:03:41] <danvet> and you're in the one spot they have reception?
[23:04:13] <mupuf_> and I just happened to take my laptop for a second to check the spelling of a word (famous french behaviour to argue about spelling)
[23:04:33] <mupuf_> yeah, that's also about right :p 512 kbit/s, that takes me back!
[23:04:55] <mupuf_> alanc: thx for reposting!
[23:05:06] <whot> sort-of here
[23:06:52] <bryce> back, hi all
[23:06:52] <danvet> ok, I guess we're enough to get started
[23:07:03] <danvet> first things first, I'll be away in 2 weeks
[23:07:10] <danvet> whot, can you take over secretary for me pls?
[23:07:38] <danvet> meanwhile: any additions to agenda?
[23:08:22] <mupuf_> nope, looks good!
[23:08:44] <whot> danvet: yes, can do
[23:08:52] <danvet> whot, thx
[23:08:58] <danvet> mupuf_, gsoc?
[23:09:10] <danvet> I've seen the midterm update, will put that into minutes
[23:09:18] <mupuf_> great
[23:09:29] <mupuf_> well, your are about up to date then ;)
[23:10:01] <mupuf_> the midterm are going to be over quite soon
[23:10:01] <danvet> mupuf_, anything else we should know, all going smoothly?
[23:10:21] <mupuf_> well, I need to see if idr has completed his review
[23:10:34] <danvet> ok
[23:11:14] <danvet> mupuf_, I guess that's it?
[23:11:32] <mupuf_> yep, that's it
[23:11:38] <mupuf_> I am satisfied with my student
[23:11:47] <mupuf_> not sure about elie
[23:11:52] <mupuf_> agd5f: did you speak to idr?
[23:13:07] <danvet> excellent
[23:13:35] <danvet> mupuf_, I'll sign you up to make sure idr fills out the midterm form ;-)
[23:13:43] <danvet> robclark, bryce evoc updates?
[23:13:48] <mupuf_> danvet: actually, sign agd5f :p
[23:14:04] <mupuf_> he is the one who has been following the other student
[23:15:01] <danvet> ok, wilco
[23:15:11] <danvet> robclark, bryce ^^
[23:15:38] <bryce> yep, the fund wiring is sorted I believe
[23:15:53] <robclark> danvet, I think varad has begun work.. I think we have all the bank details, etc..
[23:15:59] <bryce> wire payment to Varad looks to be fine - SPI has a form at http://www.spi-inc.org/treasurer/SPI_reimbursement_request.pdf
[23:16:31] <bryce> last I heard Varad was going to verify with his bank but doesn't sound like there's any cause for concern there
[23:16:40] <stukreit> I'll have to read that.  Should I send the first $500 as is usual practice?
[23:16:53] <stukreit> varad gave me his numbers
[23:17:08] <bryce> I posted the checklist we talked about last meeting
[23:17:31] <danvet> stukreit, hm, good point
[23:17:36] * danvet sucks at this
[23:17:40] <bryce> stukreit, probably will have to, since we haven't any funds transferred to SPI yet afaik
[23:18:15] <danvet> should we do a quick vote for the first 500$ for varad, to be transferred by stukreit 
[23:18:17] <danvet> ?
[23:18:18] <stukreit> ***stukreit sucks at this and is very glad to have an enthusiastic bryce take over
[23:18:33] <danvet> \o/ for bryce!
[23:18:39] <stukreit> absolutely.
[23:18:42] <bryce> for future reference, once we have our funds converted to SPI, we shouldn't need to handle banking info from students; we just direct them to send the details to SPI's treasurer
[23:19:07] <stukreit> so... how far are we from giving at least some money to SPI?
[23:19:18] <robclark> I think we are unless transfer of (at least some) funds to SPI in imminent, it makes sense for us to do first payment the old way..
[23:19:20] <bryce> stukreit, next agenda item I think
[23:19:34] <danvet> yeah ...
[23:19:52] <danvet> tbh I'd like to not delay the payement, since it's meant to be the starting one ...
[23:20:02] <danvet> so +/-1?
[23:20:35] <bryce> +1
[23:20:39] <egbert> right - +1
[23:20:46] <whot> +1
[23:20:53] <danvet> +1
[23:20:56] <robclark> +1 (unless we think we have at least partial transfer to SPI within next ~1wk)
[23:21:06] <danvet> mupuf_, ?
[23:21:17] <mupuf_> +1
[23:21:18] <stukreit> (my channel got disconnected, are you voting about the $500?)
[23:21:19] <mupuf_> sry
[23:21:30] <danvet> stukreit, yup
[23:21:32] <danvet> and carries
[23:21:51] <danvet> that's all on evoc? robclark?
[23:21:59] <robclark> I think so
[23:22:33] <danvet> great
[23:22:39] <danvet> bryce, spi transfer update?
[23:22:50] <bryce> We're now listed on spi-inc.org:
[23:22:50] <bryce>     http://www.spi-inc.org/projects/x.org/
[23:22:58] <bryce> Still not listed on Click & Pledge though.
[23:23:05] <bryce> I re-emailed Michael this morning
[23:23:10] <mupuf_> yeepee
[23:23:11] <bryce>     https://co.clickandpledge.com/advanced/default.aspx?wid=34115
[23:23:41] <bryce> I don't know of any other pre-requisites we need to tend to, but will follow up on anything that comes to light
[23:23:48] <danvet> \o/
[23:24:00] <bryce> I think it's just a matter of them updating the C&P website with our info
[23:24:12] <danvet> yeah, sounds good
[23:24:31] <danvet> so, should we transfer parts of the funds to spi? maybe half of it?
[23:24:40] <danvet> at our current budget that'll last years ;-)
[23:24:43] <bryce> danvet, related but orthogonal to that...  we really need to follow up on Mishi's email from June 1st regarding dissolution
[23:25:15] <bryce> Sounds like there needs to be some documentation done about our vote, assert that it meets the criteria he outlined, and detail the vote tallies and so on
[23:25:42] <bryce> then we need to have some kind of plan of distribution for the nonprofit assets...  Basically something that says "Everything gets transferred to SPI" or some such
[23:25:43] <danvet> hm, I thought I replied to ask her for clarification ...
[23:26:10] <bryce> we also need to submit the final corporate income tax return - which I guess is a task for either stuart or I
[23:26:29] <stukreit> Sounds like we should not transfer money until this is cleared
[23:26:34] <danvet> hm yep, on 7th Jun
[23:26:56] <bryce> once those three things are done and we have a dissolution date, then there's two filings to do, one for IRS one for Delaware; guessing these will be my tasks to do
[23:27:23] <agd5f> hey, sorry I'm late, lost track of time
[23:27:27] <stukreit> bryce: the 990N is very simple, but I think it can only be filed at certain time of year
[23:27:57] <egbert> stukreit: do you know when?
[23:28:01] <danvet> hm yeah, probably better if we figure this out first
[23:28:05] <bryce> stukreit, ah, ok; if you send me the 2015 one you just did, I can probably own the task for 2016.  If that's all that's needed it doesn't sound too complicated.
[23:28:10] <danvet> stukreit, if you're ok with running treasurer for a bit more
[23:28:27] <agd5f> I haven't heard form idr yet
[23:28:34] <agd5f> I'll ping him again
[23:28:40] <stukreit> um, might have to ask irs how to do this. easiest way to understand
[23:28:41] <egbert> right. would be great if you took care of that.
[23:29:15] <danvet> stukreit, disolving the llc?
[23:29:21] <stukreit>  the 990N is an e-file. all I have is a confirmation
[23:29:40] <stukreit> I don't know stuff about the llc
[23:30:56] <danvet> bryce, can you perhaps ping Mishi again in a reply to my mail?
[23:31:10] <danvet> sounds like you have some clue ;-)
[23:31:18] <stukreit> need a full sentence that goes something like:  "dear irs, we are dissolving this corp and transferring its assets into a subsidiary of SPI"   .. I don't know the right language..
[23:32:11] <bryce> danvet, yeah I can follow up on that email
[23:32:30] <danvet> thx a lot
[23:33:14] <bryce> danvet, will you take the action to draft up some sort of official sounding 'record of dissolution' document with the vote tallies and stuff?
[23:33:36] <danvet> bryce, sure I can do that, but I'd like to know what's supposed to be in there
[23:33:39] <bryce> I suspect if we have a draft to show them, then it'll be easier for them to poke holes and tell us what's needed
[23:33:50] <danvet> and whether maybe the entire election committee needs to sign off on it
[23:33:57] <danvet> hm ...
[23:34:04] <bryce> heh, chicken and egg :-)
[23:34:06] <danvet> good point
[23:34:14] <danvet> but I'm going to be on vacation next 2 weeks
[23:34:22] <danvet> I think poking once meanwhile would be good
[23:34:33] <bryce> well, it sounds like from his email that there's many ways to go about it, they may not know what approach we ought to use
[23:34:35] <danvet> but pls remind me next mtg I'm around in case nothing has moved
[23:34:42] <bryce> danvet, alright
[23:34:56] <danvet> typing up something shouldn't be a big problem
[23:35:29] <bryce> if you get a chance to jot some stuff down today before you leave, feel free to shoot it my way
[23:36:02] <danvet> unlikely
[23:36:09] * danvet no longer entirely sober ;-)
[23:36:15] <bryce> heh, fair enough
[23:36:55] <danvet> but I made a note in the minutes that Ill have to draft this if things don't move
[23:36:55] <bryce> only other bit of status here, is stukreit's sent me a pile of documents, which will keep me busy looking at for a while
[23:37:41] <bryce> oh also, I see I just got a reply from Michael who says he's going to get Click & Pledge set up for us "shortly"
[23:37:49] <danvet> great
[23:38:07] <danvet> bryce, btw for the docs I guess we could upload at least some of them to the secretary git archive
[23:38:12] <danvet> for safekeeping
[23:39:24] <danvet> ok, I guess that's it on spi transferal
[23:39:31] <danvet> egbert, x.org domain updates, or still burried?
[23:39:45] <bryce> danvet, yes agreed; I'll review them for banking details we might not want public, as we discussed last meeting.
[23:39:54] <danvet> yup
[23:40:22] <egbert> danvet: as i mentioned. i'm travelling a lot currently so this is not really a good time. sorry.
[23:40:22] <danvet> and let's interleave topics even more
[23:40:35] <whot> fwiw, i'll figure out how to donate the xorgfoundation domain
[23:40:36] <danvet> mupuf_, xdc proceeding well?
[23:40:38] <danvet> egbert, ok
[23:40:45] <egbert> i try to get this fixed once thing are settled a bit.
[23:40:48] <danvet> whot, yeah, would be good to straighten that out
[23:40:52] <danvet> egbert, thx
[23:40:52] <mupuf_> danvet: no news, everyting seems to be alright
[23:41:05] <mupuf_> we have been applying for an internal grant at Intel for the catering
[23:41:08] <danvet> egbert, I'll keep it on the agenda meanwhile, we have 8.5 years still ;-)
[23:41:16] <danvet> mupuf_, excellent
[23:41:18] <egbert> danvet: please do!
[23:41:24] <mupuf_> we *have* to use the service provided by the uni
[23:41:33] <danvet> for xdc2017, we're still loooking for bids
[23:41:36] <mupuf_> I need to ping the person who contacted them
[23:41:41] <danvet> agd5f, iirc you wanted to hand in something?
[23:41:44] <mupuf_> to see how it went
[23:41:50] <danvet> mupuf_, I think that's a usual thing venues require
[23:41:52] <egbert> danvet: mea maxima culpa for not takig care of it earlier
[23:42:01] <danvet> egbert, no worries
[23:42:05] <mupuf_> danvet: yeah, sure.
[23:42:26] <danvet> I'll ping google again for xdc17 in mountain view
[23:42:32] <danvet> when I'm back I mean ;-)
[23:42:48] <danvet>  has anyone else made noises about xdc17?
[23:42:51] <danvet> robclark, ^^?
[23:43:00] <whot> also, I gotta go, sorry
[23:43:21] <mupuf_> danvet: good! Would be nice to vote at XDC
[23:43:40] <danvet> whot, I think we're pretty much done anyway
[23:43:50] <danvet> mupuf_, yeah, but need to get the proposals in first ;-)
[23:44:17] <robclark> danvet, I'm optimistic that we could do xdc17 in Boston, but I need to check status of new office closer to the time..
[23:44:28] <robclark> danvet, when was the deadline we said?  Aug?
[23:44:48] <mupuf_> robclark: it is XDC
[23:44:59] <danvet> robclark, in the mail I said XDC, but also that we have wiggle-room if there are reasons
[23:45:22] <robclark> ok..  I should think that by XDC I'll know for sure if we can submit a bid/proposal..
[23:46:14] <danvet> anything else before I shut down the secretary script?
[23:46:24] <danvet> robclark, the earlier the better imo
[23:47:11] <agd5f> danvet, yeah, planning to submit my xdc2017 bid next month.  Too busy right now
[23:47:24] <danvet> agd5f, awesome
[23:51:08] <danvet> ok, I think that's it
[23:51:18] <danvet> thx everyone for participation
[23:51:24] <bryce> thanks, cya
[23:51:25] <danvet> g'night all

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