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[22:57:03] <mupuf> hey
[22:59:51] <stukreit> hi
[23:01:47] <danvet> hi all
[23:02:15] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, xdc, x.org, spi, servers, khronos
[23:02:19] <danvet> anything else I should add?
[23:03:03] <whot> the dmca thing daniels mentioned
[23:03:35] <danvet> it's under "servers" ;-)
[23:03:40] <whot> hehe, ok
[23:04:16] * robclark wonders how many of the rules like 'cookie rule' apply to stuff hosted outside the EU?
[23:04:23] <robclark> (anyways, probably a q for spi)
[23:04:30] <danvet> same for privacy I think ...
[23:04:31] <danvet> yup
[23:04:39] <danvet> I guess let's get rolling
[23:04:55] <danvet> mupuf, gsoc updates?
[23:05:10] <mupuf> danvet: nope, it started on monday
[23:05:19] <danvet> cool
[23:05:21] <mupuf> agd5f: news from ian and the other student?
[23:07:29] <danvet> mupuf, for xdc I heard that location looks good, and snack buffet is organized too
[23:07:32] <danvet> anything else?
[23:07:57] <mupuf> danvet: well, I am waiting for the list of recommended hotel ... but it is again my fault
[23:08:13] <mupuf> for sure, I will do it before the end of next week
[23:08:14] <danvet> mupuf, I'll pester you again ;-)
[23:08:21] <mupuf> danvet: thx
[23:09:34] <danvet> about xdc2017, google seems to be willing to host it in MV
[23:09:44] <danvet> should I send out the formal RFP already?
[23:09:54] <danvet> *mountain view
[23:09:59] <mupuf> nice
[23:10:06] <stukreit> Cool, I can work with them. I'm nearby
[23:10:42] <danvet> cool
[23:11:10] <stukreit> fyi hotels around here are crazy expensive
[23:11:21] <mupuf> not cool :s
[23:11:28] <mupuf> but if we have the room for free
[23:11:30] <danvet> yeah it's not that cheap
[23:11:43] <danvet> well I've spotted rooms in MV for 150/night
[23:11:56] <danvet> so not entirely ridiculous
[23:12:03] <mupuf> if booked well in advance and we could ask for a group rate
[23:12:06] <danvet> and the main street in MV looks perfect for a good evening track
[23:12:16] <robclark> we might be ok for boston in 2017 too, but should have a better idea over the summer..
[23:12:16] <mupuf> nice!
[23:12:25] <mupuf> robclark: sounds great too!
[23:12:33] <danvet> anyway, any objections to me sending out an RFP like last year, just a bit earlier?
[23:12:34] <stukreit> Do some research on hotel quality first. I dread giving rec's 
[23:12:50] <robclark> (not sure how hotel cost's compare to MV..  definitely public transport is much better..)
[23:12:58] <agd5f> mupuf, no word form idr, but I heard from the student.  He has a blog set up
[23:13:18] <mupuf> goodie, make sure he blogs and make sure idr and the student talk
[23:13:30] <danvet> stukreit, bryce: how's the transfer or our monies progressing?
[23:14:19] <agd5f> I was thinking about proposing xdc2017 in charlottesville at the University of Virginia as another option
[23:14:32] <stukreit> If ordered to, and given banking info, I can do the transfer. My part is simple.
[23:14:41] <bryce> danvet, I've written up answers to SPI's q's for getting registered - http://paste2.org/FtgNZXcP
[23:14:46] <danvet> agd5f, we definitely still have lots of time for proposals, just want to get people to start thinking about it
[23:14:53] <mupuf> agd5f: how familiar with the place are you?
[23:15:11] <agd5f> mupuf, very.  I grew up there and am moving back there next month
[23:15:23] <bryce> I studied up a bit on Click&Pledge, that we'll be using for CC processing.  They provide some other services too, but nothing worth mentioning; mostly require use of salesforce it looks like.
[23:15:27] <danvet> bryce, read it, sounds perfect
[23:15:27] <agd5f> also went to uni there
[23:15:47] <bryce> danvet, ok I'll send that off to them directly.
[23:15:53] <bryce> I think that's it for getting signed up.
[23:16:00] <robclark> bryce, looks good here too, +1
[23:16:07] <mupuf> agd5f: oh!
[23:16:10] <danvet> bryce, awesome
[23:16:21] <bryce> I need to get access to the X.org past finances before I can do much else of use treasurer-wise
[23:16:23] <danvet> bryce, do we need to wait with sending the money until that's set up?
[23:16:32] <danvet> and then just move the entire pile to spi using a donation?
[23:16:50] <danvet> ah ok
[23:16:51] <bryce> danvet, checks can be sent now.  I can give the mail address.  Just need to note "For X.org" in the memo on those
[23:16:55] <stukreit> Are we "donating" our funds to spi?
[23:17:07] <danvet> hey I'm from europe, we don't do checks ;-)
[23:17:22] <danvet> stukreit, dunno, maybe needs to be confirmed with the spi treasurer ...
[23:17:27] <mupuf> danvet: tell that to french peope
[23:17:38] <danvet> mupuf, you still have them?!?
[23:17:38] <bryce> how much funds do we have?
[23:17:43] <stukreit> about $40k
[23:17:48] <danvet> TIL ;-)
[23:17:53] <bryce> is it in a bank account, or paypal, or...?
[23:18:09] <stukreit> it is in a bank of america checking account
[23:18:17] <bryce> ok, in that case I'm imagining a basic wire transfer of some sort would do it
[23:18:28] <robclark> I'd double check w/ SPI before donating to ourselves, to make sure it doesn't mess up any tax accounting..
[23:18:31] <mupuf> bryce: just closing the account is enough
[23:18:39] <stukreit> from which I have ability to do wires, ibann, swift, etc
[23:18:48] <bryce> SPI will be providing a monthly financial report/statement to the treasurer alias
[23:18:54] <mupuf> we need to provide an IBAN
[23:19:07] <mupuf> and when closing, they'll transfer the money for free
[23:19:10] <mupuf> well, sort of
[23:19:16] <stukreit> um, spi provides the ibann, which I send the money to.
[23:19:24] <danvet> mupuf, I think the question is more how spi wants to receive that much
[23:19:34] <mupuf> yep, right
[23:19:42] <stukreit> should I just talk to them about this task?
[23:19:43] <bryce> in reading the policies, it sounds like in the future for expense payments the X treasurer puts in a payment request to the SPI treasurer
[23:19:55] <danvet> generally you don't just drop 40k into someone's bank account ;-)
[23:20:04] <danvet> bryce, yup
[23:20:12] <bryce> they then cut a check and mail it.  They say that means we should plan on 2+ weeks on payments
[23:20:14] <mupuf> we need to ask them, but there are not many ways
[23:20:19] <danvet> stukreit, yeah might be best to start a thread with bryce & spi treasurer
[23:20:30] <stukreit> within the us, the fee is $3. Maybe its more for this size
[23:20:47] <mupuf> stukreit: right, and it would be free when closing the account
[23:21:40] <stukreit> ok, when I have more direct info and timing (eg now?) on this, I'll talk to bofa about how to do it.
[23:21:59] <bryce> also, quick question - in reading our new bylaws I saw it requires the X treasurer to prepare an annual financial report.  Is that something new or have we done those in the past?  Any suggested example I should follow for next year's?
[23:22:35] <danvet> I think the idea is to present that at XDC
[23:22:45] <danvet> together with the yearly report of the secretary
[23:22:45] <bryce> stukreit, that seems sensible to get started on now.  If you can CC me I'd appreciate it
[23:22:50] <stukreit> I've hacked together a report or 2.  Also have given copies of info to others for safekeeping
[23:22:57] <danvet> I don't think we've been too dutiful with it in the past though
[23:23:12] <agd5f> I think it's always been a requirement, just not always well executed
[23:23:16] <bryce> stukreit, oh cool.  Would you mind digging the past ones up and shooting me copies?  I'd like to bone up on where the project is financially
[23:24:06] <stukreit> I need to research my email, who in the xf-board I sent lots of this data to for safekeeping
[23:24:40] <danvet> bryce, btw I inherited a secretary archive from whot
[23:24:54] <danvet> would be good to put a yearly summary of our financials in there too I think
[23:25:01] <stukreit> danvet: then you should be able to find lots of the data
[23:25:06] <danvet> it's a bit disorganized atm :(
[23:25:17] <danvet> stukreit, I don't think I've found the financial stuff in there
[23:25:27] <whot>  iirc there wasn't any financial stuff in there
[23:25:41] <danvet> yeah
[23:25:56] <danvet> I have a few yearly reports (from the secretary)
[23:26:00] <danvet> but not all
[23:26:19] <stukreit> I don't remember off top of my head. need to dig some archives
[23:26:20] <agd5f> there might be some in the stuff we sent to SFLC for the 501(c)3 application
[23:26:20] <danvet> plus all the mtg minutes
[23:26:33] <danvet> stukreit, I'll note that as an action
[23:26:36] <stukreit> k
[23:26:41] <danvet> agd5f, haven't found anything in there ...
[23:26:42] <bryce> do we need a (private?) place to consolodate data  like this?  Esp. given potentially yearly turnover in officers, seems like it would be a good practice to have an official centralized place
[23:26:46] <danvet> or well, I don't have that stuff
[23:27:14] <robclark> we do have the BoD wiki.. which is not public..
[23:27:21] <danvet> bryce, we're /slightly/ disorganized :(
[23:27:40] <danvet> but yeah pushing that git repo to fdo servers as non-private might be a good option
[23:27:43] <bryce> meantime, stukreit maybe you could forward me last month's bank statement?
[23:27:44] <danvet> I'll chat with fd.o admins
[23:27:54] <stukreit> sure
[23:28:00] <agd5f> bryce, we tricked you.  you should have attended a few meetings first ;)
[23:28:14] <bryce> agd5f, :-)
[23:28:26] <danvet> agd5f, hey, he's going to fix up all our mess, let's not stop him ;-)
[23:28:44] <danvet> ok, I think we have the next few steps mostly covered for spi and organizational stuff?
[23:29:12] <bryce> yeah I knew I was getting an organizing project when I ran, I don't mind too much :-)
[23:29:25] <danvet> we'll have more meetings this year still ;-)
[23:29:28] <bryce> danvet, good for now, yep :-)
[23:29:33] <danvet> bryce, awesome, upfront thx from me
[23:30:00] <danvet> so for daniels' question about dmca/privacy/cookies I think I'll just forward to spi board and ask them what to do
[23:30:03] <danvet> any objections?
[23:30:14] <whot> wfm
[23:30:21] <whot> especially the dmca bit I'd have no idea where to start...
[23:30:24] <bryce> danvet, sounds like the right approach
[23:30:29] <agd5f> sounds good to me
[23:30:40] <bryce> do we have an established lawyer contact for such things?
[23:30:44] <danvet> cool, will do
[23:30:53] <jcristau> danvet: i pay my rent by mailing a check to the landlord.  that's about the only thing i use checks for.
[23:30:54] <danvet> bryce, sflc, same laywers as spi
[23:30:58] <bryce> not to jump the agenda, but the khronos stuff probably could also use run by the same
[23:31:11] <danvet> bryce, yeah, same with khronos
[23:31:20] <danvet> we can't sign anything under spi's umbrella
[23:31:25] * bryce nods
[23:31:28] <danvet> so again need to ask their board
[23:31:32] <danvet> any objections?
[23:31:39] <robclark> danvet, +1 for fwd to spi
[23:31:41] <bryce> danvet, +1
[23:31:49] <agd5f> +1
[23:32:01] <mupuf> +1
[23:32:37] <whot> +1
[23:32:56] <keithp> +1
[23:33:41] <danvet> hey was just typing my action item ;-)
[23:33:49] <danvet> ok, I think we've crunched through the agenda
[23:33:56] <danvet> x.org is postponed because egbert isn't around
[23:34:24] <mupuf> ok
[23:34:41] <danvet> keithp, oh quick ping about mishi's reply on the x.org llc merger question: she said you have a mail from here with what needs to be done
[23:34:45] <danvet> can you pls forward that to board@
[23:34:46] <danvet> ?
[23:35:20] <keithp> will do
[23:35:48] <danvet> thx
[23:36:02] <danvet> ok fellas, I think this is it
[23:36:14] <danvet> thx a lot for attending&good night
[23:36:26] <bryce> thanks, all
[23:37:16] <robclark> k, gn

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