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[22:53:51] <jcristau> a few questions, one mail :)
[22:54:24] <danvet> jcristau, just wanted to make sure ;-)
[22:54:50] <jcristau> yeah, sorry i was unclear
[23:00:53] <mupuf> hey guys :)
[23:00:54] <marcoz> hi all
[23:01:02] <marcoz> hey mupuf, how you doin?
[23:01:12] <agd5f> hello
[23:01:25] <danvet> hi all
[23:01:45] <robclark> o/
[23:01:58] <egbert> hi!
[23:01:59] <danvet> keithp, around too?
[23:02:16] <danvet> whot, I guess not around per your mail?
[23:03:01] <agd5f> I may have to leave a little early
[23:04:16] <marcoz> that reminds me.  My apologies for leaving early last week without actually telling people when I left.
[23:04:36] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, elections (bylaw questions), x.org, evoc payement
[23:04:38] <danvet> anything else?
[23:05:16] <mupuf> marcoz: pretty good, you?
[23:05:36] <mupuf> looks good-enough
[23:05:42] <marcoz> mupuf: yardwork, tons of yardwork now that the weather is nice.  ;/
[23:06:01] <mupuf> yardwork is hardwork ;p
[23:06:35] <marcoz> and it can't be done by an aardvark
[23:07:54] <mupuf> oh, I had to google this one
[23:08:02] <mupuf> danvet: I guess I should start with the GSoC?
[23:08:11] <danvet> mupuf, yeah I guess let's go ahead
[23:08:59] <mupuf> ok!
[23:09:16] <mupuf> so, the deadline for submitting the requests for slots was on mondayu
[23:09:38] <mupuf> 2 students needed to complete the requirement of "one patch upstream"
[23:09:44] <mupuf> out of the three
[23:10:32] <mupuf> none succeeded by the due date, but both managed to send a patch on the list
[23:11:07] <mupuf> both eventually made their way upstream, but one student needed a lot of hand holding and it proved to be too big of a task to him
[23:11:10] <stukreit> hi
[23:11:18] <mupuf> so, happy that we have this requirement
[23:11:38] <mupuf> the other one did submit well in advance, but still not enough
[23:12:00] <mupuf> and he did it all by himself, so I am OK with him.
[23:12:19] <mupuf> so, out of the two students, we already have mentors and they are already assigned
[23:12:23] <mupuf> so, all is well!
[23:13:14] <danvet> so 2 out of 3 made it and are ready to go?
[23:13:24] <mupuf> yep
[23:13:31] <mupuf> well, 2 out of 7
[23:13:43] <robclark> btw, for GSoC/EVoC student patch submissions, if issue is getting someone to pay attention to review and/or push patch (if it is ready), feel free to ping me.. otherwise I might not notice it...  (just mentioning that since don't want candidate to miss deadline due to patch getting lost in flood of other patches)
[23:13:59] <mupuf> robclark: yes
[23:14:11] <mupuf> no worries, mentors knew about that
[23:14:15] <agd5f> is it a problem if we don't use the 3rd slot?
[23:14:16] <mupuf> and they were CCed
[23:14:18] <robclark> k
[23:14:21] <mupuf> agd5f: nope
[23:14:28] <agd5f> cool
[23:14:37] <mupuf> I asked 2 to 3
[23:14:40] <mupuf> and got 3
[23:15:23] <mupuf> that's it, folks!
[23:15:38] <danvet> mupuf, so what are we going to do with the 3rd?
[23:15:49] <danvet> ah, should read backlog ;-)
[23:17:03] <danvet> next up elections
[23:17:19] <danvet> whot started the voting, seems to work
[23:17:36] <danvet> except for some confusion because the UI is terrible ;-)
[23:17:58] <danvet> so quick reminder: "Ballot" -> "Cast" -> select your vote -> "Vote" iirc
[23:18:06] * danvet can't look either because already voted
[23:18:19] <mupuf> danvet: I already explained him the situation
[23:18:25] <mupuf> and sent the nicest email I could
[23:18:27] <agd5f> yeah, that's right
[23:18:29] <danvet> re Jemery's questions: I'll try answer, but I'm probably not the best expert
[23:18:39] <danvet> and some of the questions are a bit late :(
[23:18:50] <danvet> so I'll invite everyone else to follow up/clarify
[23:18:54] <danvet> does that sound reasonable?
[23:19:08] <egbert> right. this should have been asked 6 month ago.
[23:19:24] <robclark> some of them are just maybe tweaks/clarifications in bylaws, but not sure we want to reset the process..
[23:19:25] <agd5f> danvet, sounds good
[23:20:30] <danvet> ok
[23:20:42] <danvet> otherwise I think everyone make lots of noise about the elections pls
[23:20:52] <danvet> kudos to keithp for the blog
[23:20:58] <danvet> mupuf, you'll handle G+?
[23:21:04] <mupuf> danvet: yes
[23:21:05] * danvet probably will do blogging too
[23:21:06] <danvet> thx
[23:21:19] <mupuf> I may wait for your blog post then!
[23:21:19] <danvet> x.org ... any updates egbert?
[23:21:35] <danvet> mupuf, na, signal-boost keithp's meanwhile
[23:21:41] <danvet> can't go over the top imo ;-)
[23:22:03] <egbert> danvet: not really, sorry. i would like to know more about the current status. and danvet, you told me some things i would like to know mre details about.
[23:22:17] <egbert> was going to ping you this week but this was sort of a bad week.
[23:23:30] <mupuf> danvet: OK!
[23:29:20] <egbert> danvet: i'll try to get in touch with you on monday.
[23:29:47] <danvet> egbert, ok, thx
[23:29:55] * danvet distracted replying to jemery's mail, sorry
[23:30:05] <danvet> so only other bit I have is evoc payement
[23:30:16] <danvet> and it sounds like stukreit's endless efforts are finally paying off!
[23:30:30] <stukreit> I payed em off
[23:30:30] <danvet> I'll summarize status in the minutes
[23:30:39] <danvet> oh, already
[23:30:42] <danvet> awesome, thx a lot
[23:31:18] <robclark> yes, thx stukreit :-)
[23:31:28] <stukreit> Now its up to Juliet and her friend Basile to get the money over.
[23:32:09] <danvet> ok, I don't have anything else
[23:32:27] <danvet> so if nothing else needs to be discussed I'll go back to typing in the reply to jemery
[23:32:28] <stukreit> The one bright spot was when Juliet found a friend in my neighborhood.   He is indeed a Stanford student, but I can't guarantee what will happen when he tries to move the money.
[23:32:35] <danvet> pls read that and chime in if needed
[23:32:47] <danvet> stukreit, yeah, not our problem imo
[23:33:10] <egbert> has anyone notified juliet?
[23:33:10] <stukreit> k thanks guys, and thanks for running interference on this.
[23:33:32] <egbert> stukreit: btw, thanks again for all your efforts!
[23:33:43] <stukreit> k!
[23:33:56] <stukreit> yw!
[23:34:22] <mupuf> g+ post made!
[23:38:09] <danvet> ok, I guess this is it
[23:38:12] * danvet calls it a day
[23:38:21] <egbert> thanks guys!
[23:38:27] <danvet> thx everyone, and don't forget to make noises about the election!
[23:38:27] <egbert> good night!
[23:38:37] <danvet> good night/day/whatever to everyone

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