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[22:52:07] <whot> morning
[22:52:31] <danvet> secretary, working?
[22:52:31] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
[22:52:33] <danvet> whot, hi
[22:52:42] <danvet> ok, looks like everything is installed
[22:52:45] * danvet on the road
[22:55:43] <agd5f> hello
[22:56:45] <robclark> o/
[22:57:03] <danvet> \0
[22:57:30] * danvet also gearing up for gin no. 4, typing getting hard ...
[22:58:23] <robclark> heheh
[22:58:52] <danvet> luckily remembered to update the script and everything ...
[22:59:28] <egbert> hi guys!
[22:59:54] <danvet> hi egbert 
[23:00:23] <danvet> keithp, mupuf: mtg time
[23:00:32] <danvet> anyone know where to ping marcoz?
[23:00:45] <danvet> Absent: gsoc, elections, x.org
[23:00:50] <danvet> anything else on top?
[23:01:09] <marcoz> hi all
[23:01:11] <egbert> hi danvet!
[23:01:12] <danvet> marcheu, hi
[23:01:45] <stukreit> Hi all! lurking today
[23:01:56] <egbert> hi stukreit!
[23:02:02] <danvet> stukreit, anything from the treasurer I should add?
[23:02:09] <marcoz> I may have to step away early
[23:02:11] <danvet> mupuf, hi
[23:02:18] <mupuf-jolla> hey!
[23:02:39] <danvet> marcoz, np, doesn't look like too much today ...
[23:02:40] <stukreit> nothing other than whether Juliet's mentor might ping her to see if she has found another payment path
[23:02:58] <danvet> hm ... mupuf did that go through you? ^^ 
[23:02:58] <marcoz> hi stukreit 
[23:03:01] <marcoz> thx danvet 
[23:03:29] <danvet> stukreit, splitting didn't work out? or did we try something else?
[23:03:34] * danvet not entirely up to date
[23:03:58] <egbert> splitting would mean quite many small chunks
[23:04:05] <egbert> afair
[23:04:10] <keithp> I'm available as needed while listening at lfcs as well
[23:04:17] <danvet> yeah, we decided that if she accepts the cut, we'll try
[23:04:29] <stukreit> I didn't get around to trying that. yes, it would be $500 chunks, assuming $500 works
[23:05:09] <danvet> mupuf, can you ping Brian&Juliet pls?
[23:05:39] <danvet> mupuf-jolla, ^^
[23:06:51] <mupuf2_> sorry, my IRC client refused to let me write...
[23:07:24] <danvet> mupuf2_, ok if I sign you up?
[23:07:35] * danvet not sure anymore who handled evoc for juliet ...
[23:07:36] <mupuf2_> anyways, i was saying that i thought this was handled a while ago
[23:07:45] <mupuf2_> sign me up for what?
[23:07:52] <danvet> yeah, just sounds like we need to reping juliet ...
[23:07:53] <mupuf2_> marcoz
[23:07:57] <danvet> ^^ 
[23:08:13] <danvet> I'm travelling next week, would do otherwise
[23:08:32] <marcoz> I handled evoc for Juliet
[23:08:41] <stukreit> I'll take the AI to try to send her $500 via western union, (the last path she suggested)
[23:08:57] <mupuf2_> if possible, i would prefer focusing on gsoc and xdc
[23:09:08] <danvet> mupuf, makes sense
[23:09:20] <danvet> stukreit, ok, I'll sign you up for another attemp, thx for all your efforts!
[23:09:28] <marcoz> stukreit: do you want me to reping her or you going to?
[23:09:29] <stukreit> ughhh ok
[23:09:50] <stukreit> ill ping her to let her know
[23:10:00] <danvet> I'll sign up marcoz to help ;-)
[23:10:33] <danvet> so elections I guess ...
[23:10:55] <danvet> whot, we're all ready to send out the announcement for the nominees today per plan?
[23:11:06] <marcoz> I'll help however i can
[23:11:15] <danvet> marcoz, thx
[23:11:16] <marcoz> (on Juliet's payment)
[23:11:55] <robclark> danvet, you mean "2016 X.Org Board of Directors Elections - Nominees" which whot already sent to members@ ?
[23:12:58] <danvet> oh awesome
[23:13:05] * danvet needs to fix his mail filters it seems
[23:13:28] <whot> hehe
[23:13:32] <whot> i sent it to board and elections too
[23:13:50] <danvet> nice work, I take no actions then
[23:13:52] <danvet> that good?
[23:15:25] <whot> pretty much
[23:15:30] <danvet> excellent
[23:16:03] <whot> i still need to write the election system code to spam those who haven't voted yet, but other than that it's smooth sailing from now
[23:16:11] <egbert> yeah, thanks to the election committee for all this work!
[23:16:11] <danvet> yeah
[23:16:21] <danvet> worst case we just spam everyone, can't harm in that ;-)
[23:17:21] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f: gsoc update?
[23:17:30] * danvet no idea where we stand there ...
[23:17:48] <mupuf2_> sure
[23:18:00] <mupuf> just arrived ome
[23:18:04] <mupuf> so, perfect timing
[23:18:17] <danvet> too many mupuf
[23:18:20] * danvet confused
[23:18:30] <mupuf> so, students had to apply before friday
[23:18:44] <mupuf> and we got 7 applications
[23:18:52] <mupuf> but 3 are for the same project
[23:18:57] <danvet> oops
[23:19:04] <danvet> can we try to get them to switch?
[23:19:07] <mupuf> luckily, 2 were really bad
[23:19:20] <mupuf> no need to
[23:19:24] <mupuf> 2 were *really* bad
[23:19:36] <mupuf> so, now, we have 3 solid proposals
[23:19:36] <agd5f> The new gsoc website and processes are still a bit flakey
[23:19:55] <mupuf> I contacted the students to tell them what they are up to
[23:20:01] <mupuf> and I found a mentor for all projects
[23:20:07] <mupuf> one is going to be for me, so that was easy
[23:20:15] <mupuf> the other one was a suggested mentor
[23:20:16] <danvet> what's with the other 2?
[23:20:25] <danvet> 7 - 2 = 5, but we only have 3 good ones?
[23:20:36] <mupuf> and the last one, I had to dig the git history of the wiki to find out who added
[23:20:52] <mupuf> oh, sorry, 2 did not submit in time
[23:21:11] <mupuf> so, we only have the drafts
[23:21:32] <mupuf> but google won't let us give them slots
[23:21:40] <danvet> ah ok :(
[23:22:03] <mupuf> yeah, they likely did not send the proof of enrolment at a university
[23:22:22] <danvet> so just fallout from the new process or anything for us to note for next year?
[23:22:34] <mupuf> nope, nothing to do for us
[23:22:36] <mupuf> it is their fault
[23:22:44] <danvet> fair enough
[23:22:54] <danvet> next steps I should note in the minutes?
[23:23:02] <mupuf> so, I then contacted the students to tell them we need upstream patches in mesa before we can accept them
[23:23:17] <mupuf> and I gave them a pretty tight deadline (11th of April)
[23:23:36] <danvet> do we have a nice howto for that a la opw or similar?
[23:23:38] <mupuf> but said I would settle for a proof that they managed to compile and run mesa + a typo-fixing patch
[23:23:59] <mupuf> I gave them the relevant mesa pages
[23:24:06] <danvet> sounds reasonable, makes sure they can handle the process
[23:24:07] <danvet> great
[23:24:20] <mupuf> I was clear I would not allow them in if they fail this
[23:24:30] <mupuf> the rest will be up to the mentors
[23:24:50] <danvet> makes sense, reflects what we discussed for evoc
[23:25:27] <danvet> mupuf, anything else?
[23:25:51] <mupuf> good goodie, I did not make a big mistake then :p
[23:26:05] <mupuf> nope, I just need to fill the slots by the 11th
[23:26:15] <danvet> mupuf, might want to update docs/wiki perhaps ...
[23:26:25] <mupuf> danvet: what do you mean?
[23:26:28] * danvet all broken record on _that_ topic for i915.ko stuff recently ;-9
[23:26:32] <danvet> *)
[23:26:59] <danvet> mupuf, I thought we had some generic gsoc page ...
[23:27:25] <mupuf> we do
[23:27:35] <mupuf> summer of code ideas
[23:27:42] <mupuf> but what do you want me to add there?
[23:27:49] <danvet> nah, the gsoc page
[23:27:59] <danvet> it has a requirements section, which doesn't match the evoc section
[23:28:30] <danvet> but they both have the simple patch line
[23:28:34] <danvet> so I guess we're good ;-)
[23:28:44] <danvet> mupuf, thx for all your work on this
[23:28:47] <danvet> and agd5f I guess
[23:29:20] <danvet> egbert, updates on x.org
[23:29:22] <agd5f> all the thanks goes to mupuf :)
[23:29:24] <danvet> keithp, ^ ^ ?
[23:29:49] <danvet> agd5f, tsk, just steal the fame ;-)
[23:29:55] <danvet> great work either way
[23:30:00] <egbert> well, we mentioned on the last meeting already that the glue records have been fixed.
[23:30:17] <danvet> yeah, makes admins happy at least
[23:30:36] <danvet> I also pinged whot about the xorg-foundation.org fallback we organized
[23:30:37] <keithp> I think things are going along fine for now, but I'm still working to actually transfer the domains. With the urgency gone, getting bandwidth is harder
[23:30:57] <egbert> regarding the other issues about the domain - i guess we cannot make progress until we know that all the papers are ready.
[23:30:59] <danvet> well I guess we'd need to get that sorted at least for spi, if we merge
[23:31:39] <egbert> keithp: now with leon having helped us, shouldn't we coordinate this with him as well?
[23:31:39] <danvet> keithp, egbert you're in sync, and in sync with sflc?
[23:31:55] <egbert> danvet: not really atm.
[23:32:14] <danvet> can we resync right here?
[23:32:27] <danvet> keithp, or should egbert sync up with sflc directly?
[23:32:29] <whot> no response from sflc re the xorg-foundation.org transferral, I need to ping them again. the way this is going it may be better to just transfer it to spi after the electino
[23:32:47] <danvet> whot, yeah, maybe
[23:33:09] <danvet> otoh given our track record that means we'll forget and I owe you some beers for upfronting ;-)
[23:34:50] <whot> heh
[23:37:22] <danvet> egbert, or do you just want to sync with sflc/mishi directly and then start a discussion with leon?
[23:37:47] <danvet> keithp, ^^ 
[23:38:02] <egbert> danvet: i don't have any contact details for sflc nor do i know where we stand there.
[23:38:25] <danvet> afaik mishi handled this for us, but I don't know much
[23:39:29] <egbert> right. i had asked keithp for an update a while ago but never got an answer.
[23:39:58] <egbert> unfortunately i haven't pursued this enough myself since then.
[23:40:36] <danvet> egbert, but you'd be ok with taking over as the lead on this? I could help out ..
[23:41:24] <whot> egbert: just pm'd you mishi's email
[23:41:40] <danvet> keithp, can you pls give an update (latest status and who to ping at sflc and netsol) so egbert could continue?
[23:44:29] <danvet> egbert, ok if I just sign you up?
[23:45:43] <egbert> danvet: sure.
[23:46:14] <egbert> i'd like to know where we stand, though.
[23:46:59] <danvet> egbert, thx a lot
[23:47:13] <danvet> yeah, dumping stuff at you in pm
[23:47:17] <danvet> anything else?
[23:47:29] <danvet> or can we close slightly early so marcoz can head off?
[23:48:03] <whot> wfm
[23:48:26] <danvet> cool, thx everyone for hanging out here
[23:48:33] <egbert> what records sflc has.
[23:48:37] * danvet back to gin&fun
[23:48:55] <danvet> let's hope this script works ....

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