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[21:49:19] <jcristau> hi, secretary 
[22:00:15] <danvet> secretary: howdy
[22:01:04] <egbert> hi!
[22:01:04] <danvet> secretary, howdy
[22:01:04] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
[22:01:11] <danvet> ah, still as silly as ever
[22:01:15] * danvet needs to fix the parser
[22:01:23] <robclark> o/
[22:01:27] <danvet> \o
[22:02:06] <danvet> first item: dear US, pls align your DST change with everyone else, thx
[22:03:42] <danvet> whot_, agd5f, mupuf, marcoz, keithp: around?
[22:03:42] <robclark> heh
[22:03:59] <egbert> danvet: we could also decide to go by a TZ
[22:04:08] <marcoz> hi danvet 
[22:04:09] <danvet> twice a year 2 weeks of chaos with meetings is just silly
[22:04:11] <marcoz> et al
[22:04:44] <danvet> ah right, whot said he's flying around or something
[22:05:49] <robclark> danvet, we could always shift it by 10min increments for 6 weeks ;-)
[22:06:13] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, elections, x.org
[22:06:17] <danvet> anything else?
[22:06:24] <danvet> aka agenda bashing while we wait for more
[22:07:50] <marcoz> robclark, thinking outside the box (sorry, now it's innovative thinking).  i like it. ;)
[22:08:08] <danvet> the important part is that every country changes in a slightly different way
[22:08:13] <robclark> :-P
[22:08:18] <danvet> some could do 20' steps in 3 weeks
[22:08:45] <danvet> the goal is to create maximum chaos and overlap in your meeting schedules
[22:09:06] * danvet tries to pack them perfectly
[22:09:40] <egbert> i'd opt for shift looking like a  'damped oscillation'
[22:10:20] <marcoz> egbert, overdamped, underdamped or critically damped ?
[22:10:35] <danvet> everyone differently damped is the maxim we should aim for
[22:10:58] <danvet> and a few definitely underdamped to make sure we maximize chaos
[22:11:13] <danvet> "why did that meeting suddenly move from evening to morning ..."
[22:11:45] <danvet> the cows would love it
[22:12:04] <danvet> hm, still no quorum :(
[22:13:38] <danvet> well, election update: nomination period extended by 2 weeks because big pile of late nominations
[22:13:54] <danvet> robclark, anything from server I should note in minutes?
[22:14:07] <danvet> egbert, I guess we can keep handling x.org in private mails?
[22:14:08] <robclark> naw
[22:14:37] <egbert> marcoz: it has to oscillate nicely, so i guess this is underdamped in you nomenclature.
[22:14:45] <robclark> nothing really happened from my end since last mtg (was @ linaro one week, and catching up since then)
[22:14:52] <egbert> danvet: yes.
[22:15:30] <egbert> i've just checked, the glue records have been fixed.
[22:15:43] <egbert> i will send Leon an email thanking him.
[22:15:44] <danvet> oh awesome
[22:16:00] <danvet> same here, and apologizing for being under the rug for reasons
[22:16:08] <danvet> egbert, thx a lot for handling this
[22:16:25] <egbert> danvet: np.
[22:16:53] <danvet> ok, I think no one else will show up, no quorum
[22:17:01] <danvet> and neither mupuf nor agd5f here for gsoc update
[22:17:08] <danvet> so I think we can call it a day
[22:17:47] <danvet> or anything else?
[22:19:27] <robclark> nothing here
[22:20:23] <danvet> oh, forgot one thing: sorry for not being around last meeting, I was super tired and simply fell asleep :(
[22:20:52] <marcoz> egbert, it's been too long.  i just remember there are 3 types of dampening.   ;/  
[22:21:29] <danvet> I thought underdamping is when it oscillates for too long
[22:21:47] <danvet> and overdamping is when it creeps back into a relaxed change after an impulse way too slowly
[22:22:12] <robclark> underdamped is when it isn't damped enough ;-)
[22:22:24] * danvet not going to attempt asciiart in irc
[22:22:29] <robclark> heheh
[22:22:31] <marcoz> what about when it grows larger and larger?
[22:22:35] <danvet> ok, sounds like besides silliness nothing else to discuss
[22:22:39] <robclark> underdamped is when it bounces too long ;-)
[22:22:48] <danvet> marcoz, robclark, egbert thx and goodnight!

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