23:02 <+egbert> guys, good evening!
23:03 -!- jcristau [~jcristau@topinambour.cristau.org] has joined #xf-bod
23:04 <+egbert> danvet: ping?
23:06 <+egbert> agd5f: Alex around?
23:07 <+egbert> whot: since you are around, can you take over?
23:07 < agd5f> hey
23:07 <+egbert> mupuf_: Martin?
23:07 < mupuf_> I'm here
23:07 < mupuf_> said hi a few minutes ago :)
23:07 < whot> egbert: no, sorry, tradies are still here, I have to pop in and out of the meeting.
23:07 <+egbert> ah, right.
23:08 <+egbert> ok, maybe we can get by without a secie ;p
23:09 <+egbert> what's on the agena? dns, elections, expo replacement, payment, gsoc?
23:09 <+egbert> i can add something to dns.
23:10 <+egbert> after some confusion we managed to get the correct data to Leon and we confirmed last Sunday that all was correct.
23:10 <+egbert> however, until today, the glue records haven't been fixed.
23:10 <+egbert> at least when i checked half an hour ago.
23:10 <+egbert> not sure i've done it right. 
23:11 <+egbert> funny thing: google has the correct records.
23:11 <+egbert> so when you query everything seems to be ok.
23:12 < jcristau> egbert: google has the correct records because it gets gabe's address from the glue, and then asks gabe for its idea of the records
23:12 < robclark> nothing really new on my end for expo.. everything has been migrated over, but there are some bugs w/ the moinmoin 
                  wiki that I still need to look at (but too busy w/ rhel and skl disaster to have any time for that last couple 
                  weeks, and I'll be at linaro conf next week, so probably nothing will happen until I get back)
23:13 < keithp> robclark: have fun in bangkok
23:13 < robclark> it's a *long* flight..  with timezone, I leave on fri and land on sun :-/
23:13 < jcristau> egbert: but the glue still thinks expo is ns1.x.org
23:13 <+egbert> jcristau: yes.
23:14 <+egbert> that's what i said: only if you query google you get the right answer.
23:15 <+egbert> what i did: get root servers for .org 'dig NX org', then query any of the root servers for .org.
23:15 < jcristau> you said "funny thing".  but that's how dns works :)
23:15 <+egbert> all still think expo is ns1.x.org.
23:15 < jcristau> ack
23:16 <+egbert> however a 'host ns1.x.org' gives you gabe.
23:19 <+egbert> i will check once more tomorrow morning and ping Leon again.
23:23 < mupuf_> well, since there is not much happening now, I will just report on the GSoC
23:23 < mupuf_> We got accepted as an org and so did wayland
23:23 < mupuf_> wayland is a new org so they will be limited to 2 slots
23:24 < mupuf_> we thus encouraged students to apply to both orgs
23:24 < mupuf_> and that's about it...
23:25 <+egbert> thanks, mupuf_!
23:25 -!- mupuf_ is now known as mupuf
23:25 < marcoz>  mupuf_  I didn't think students were allowed to apply to both?
23:26 < marcoz> to more than one rather
23:27 < mupuf> marcoz: they can, but they cannot have one more than one project accepted in the end
23:27 < marcoz> ah ok.  thx
23:32 < marcoz> mupuf, what's next on the agenda?
23:32 < mupuf> for the GSoC?
23:32 < marcoz> that or other.
23:32 < mupuf> nothing, just waiting for students to show up
23:32 < marcoz> ah.
23:32 < mupuf> no news for the XDC
23:32 <+egbert> so, last item: evoc payment. 
23:32 < mupuf> I guess we should start working on it soon
23:33 <+egbert> xdc: do you have a hotel suggestions already? this would be the next thing people need, i guess.
23:35 < mupuf> right, not yet
23:35 < mupuf> I need to do this
23:36 < mupuf> and check for the social event
23:36 < mupuf> so people can book their flights now
23:36 <+egbert> mupuf: eaxctly.
23:36 <+egbert> mupuf: thanks!
23:36 < mupuf> probably something on saturday, either a general visit of Helsinki or parcs or whatever
23:36 < mupuf> or we can plan a sauna evening :D
23:37 <+egbert> i guess we don't have anyone around for  evoc payment progress?
23:37 <+egbert> stukreit: ?
23:38 <+egbert> ok, any other topics?
23:39 < whot> election summary is not much: emails were sent, reminder emails for nomination period were sent
23:39 < whot> (just so this is in the logs)
23:41 <+egbert> whot: right. i guess i saw you mention this before already so i didn't ask again.
23:41 <+egbert> thanks!
23:41 <+egbert> anything else?
23:41 <+egbert> if not, we can close the meeting ...?
23:42 < robclark> nothing from here
23:42 < whot> i think that's it
23:43 <+egbert> ok, let's close it, then. thanks guys! good night!
23:44 <+egbert> i will do the minutes when i get up ... tomorrow morning :)
23:45 < robclark> k, gn