Date is 2016-02-05, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Feb 05 2016
07:59 < whot> good morning
08:01 < whot> fwiw, danvet asked me to chair the meeting, he's at LCA. keithp is there too
08:03 -!- mupuf-jolla [] has joined #xf-bod
08:04 < mupuf-jolla> hey guys!
08:04 < whot> mupuf-jolla: hey
08:05 < agd5f> hi
08:06 < mupuf-jolla> slow day today
08:07 <+egbert> hi guys!
08:07 < whot> robclark: ping
08:07 < robclark> o/
08:07 < whot> ok, I guess that's as good as it gets for today, matt isn't online yet
08:08 < whot> not much on the agenda: evoc, elections, server, domain
08:08 < whot> oh, and gsoc is ramping up, right?
08:08 < whot> stukreit: any updates on the evoc payments?
08:10 < mupuf-jolla> gsoc must be close, yes!
08:11 < whot> my inbox certainly is filling up with gsoc-related email
08:12 < mupuf-jolla> I really need to have a fixed day schedule and i need to be better at advertising the work of the students
08:13 < whot> mupuf-jolla: is there anything gsoc-related we need to discuss today or do you have a grip on everythign?
08:13 < mupuf-jolla> they go straight to the gsoc folder which full of the useless emails from the GSoC meeting...
08:14 < mupuf-jolla> i guess i have an AR to check the dates and start advertising and look for projects.
08:14 < whot> ok, keep that AR and act on it :)
08:14 < mupuf-jolla> agd5f: want to help me again this year? would be nice to assign roles this year ...
08:16 < agd5f> mupuf-jolla, sure
08:16 < whot> moving on: election. I have access to gabe now where the election system moved to after the expo emigration. so I can actually fix the thing, once I figure out what it does :)
08:16 < whot> mupuf-jolla: did you set up the election page on the wiki?
08:17 < mupuf-jolla> For XDC, i wrote the beginning of the wiki page. Need to work a little more on the content
08:17 < mupuf-jolla> yes, i did!
08:17 <+egbert> what's the plan about the future anyhow?
08:17 < mupuf-jolla> It was done during the meeting
08:17 <+egbert> keep the election thing on gabe?
08:17 <+egbert> i'm not really happy with this.
08:17 < whot> egbert: for this cycle, yes
08:18 <+egbert> whot: ok. if it is just for this cycle, fine.
08:18 < robclark> egbert, it is a bit annoying to split up the election system from mailing lists..
08:19 < whot> egbert: we can worry about where to move it to once we have the rest sorted, but given that the election starts in 2-ish weeks it's not something we can do much about, I think
08:19 < robclark> so it is by far the path of least resistance to keep it on gabe..
08:19 <+egbert> whot: right.
08:19 < whot> for the archives:
08:19 < whot> mupuf-jolla: ^^ thanks
08:19 < whot> dan sent the request to spi, so that should come in soon
08:20 < whot> and I think that's it for elections? anything I forgot?
08:20 < whot> mupuf-jolla: do we have all the signoffs for the bylaws?
08:20 < mupuf-jolla> sounds good for the electrons
08:21 < mupuf-jolla> no, we don't but i thought we said it was good h enough?
08:21 < whot> we have 6, right? so that's good enough
08:21 < mupuf-jolla> forgot...
08:22 < whot> ping whoever is missing directly please
08:22 < whot> not that it matters, but getting an ack even after the fact would be nice
08:22 < mupuf-jolla> ok, that's my second AR
08:23 < whot> ok, moving on. robclark anyhing new on the server?
08:23 < mupuf-jolla> oh, almost missed my stop:D
08:23 < robclark> whot, not much.. talked to daniels briefly but he was already at the pub ;-)
08:23  * mupuf-jolla is almost home now
08:24 < robclark> need to send him a reminder email tonight and sync up tomorrow..  he seemed to think it would be easy to do a reverse proxy..
08:24 < robclark> so we can point f.x.o/bod directly at openshift instance if we want..  or just set it up on gabe
08:25 < robclark> (if openshift, we still have the issue that moinmoin won't be able to send email, but few enough users of that wiki that I guess it's not that big of a deal)
08:25 < whot> I wonder: we already moved almost everything to gabe, does openshift even make much sense then?
08:25 < robclark> and just fyi, if anyone needs access to bod wiki,
08:25 < robclark> barely
08:25 <+egbert> i think it does
08:25 <+egbert> i do have an issue with fd.o.
08:25 < robclark> I mean better uptime.. but I guess we don't exactly need 9-9
08:26 < robclark> 9-9's for bod wiki..
08:26 <+egbert> just 3 weeks ago my email account went
08:27 <+egbert> so, there are things going on nobody will explain. 
08:27 <+egbert> it got fixed meanwhile, but still.
08:27 < robclark> hmm, I'm not sure I'd use fd.o for my own email..
08:27 < robclark> but I think it is reliable enough for members/
08:27 < whot> yeah, fdo suffers from ETIME, only slightly less so than expo
08:28 <+egbert> i've got eich_at_fd.o. still use it for some purposes.
08:28 <+egbert> hosting on openstack makes sense.
08:29 < robclark> tbh, the non members/bod stuff is probably more important for uptime (git trees, ftp, public wiki, etc..)
08:29 < whot> egbert: openshift btw, it's a bit different :)
08:29 <+egbert> the software is well maintained and we do not have to worry about the age of the machine.
08:29 <+egbert> whot: i know
08:31 < whot> ok, so anyway, lets get the openshift instance sorted then
08:31 < whot> robclark: your AR remaines unchanged from last week then :)
08:31 < robclark> yeah
08:32 < whot> moving on, domain. no updates that I know of. keithp isn't here, so I guess that's it?
08:33 <+egbert> is anyone keeping in touch with Leon if we need his help?
08:34 < whot> not afaik
08:34 <+egbert> he contacted mupuf-jolla, didn't he?
08:36 < agd5f> he emailed the board
08:36 < mupuf> Leon never contacted me
08:37 <+egbert> ok. i thought i read this somewhere. 
08:37 <+egbert> checking the board ml
08:39 <+egbert> ok, went back until december, didn't see any message from him.
08:40 < whot> oh, he emailed everyone on the board, not the board list itself
08:40 < whot> Jan 13, you were in cc with your fdo account, I wonder if that overlapped with your alias breaking down?
08:40 <+egbert> oh, ok.
08:40 < whot> I'll fwd it to you
08:40 < agd5f> egbert, he used your fdo account
08:40 <+egbert> whot: yes, it did. it was just the time my account was dead.
08:41 < whot> egbert: it's in your suse inbox now
08:41 <+egbert> whot: thanks!
08:41 < whot> anything else we want to discuss?
08:42 < agd5f> nothing here
08:43 < robclark> nope
08:44 < whot> alrighty. then let's call this closed. thanks for attending, see you guys in two weeks
08:44 <+egbert> ok, thanks a lot!
08:44 <+egbert> good night!
08:44 < robclark> gn