<agd5f> hi
<Bart_Massey> Hope a quorum will show - forgot to send a reminder this week.
<Bart_Massey> Forgot about the meeting until my wife reminded me 5min ago :-)
<alanc> hello
<omcfadde> hi
<agd5f> some people may be at LPC
<marcoz> morning
<Bart_Massey> Keithp is in Kansas flying rockets AFAIK
<marcoz> where in KS?
<Bart_Massey> At any rate, I expect a short meeting; don't have too much agenda
<alanc> stuart just walked past my office
<Bart_Massey> First of all, XDC. Do we have a workable program? What do the attendee counts look like right now?
* Bart_Massey heads for the wiki
<stukreit> hello
<Bart_Massey> howdy!
<agd5f> also we got one more funding request
<Bart_Massey> The wiki appears to be down. Good.
<alanc> unfortunately I think both egbert & emmes are on vacation
<alanc> Bart_Massey: try again in a minute - they rigged an autorestarter for all the crashes
<Bart_Massey> alanc: tx. epic
<omcfadde> agd5f: that would be me; unfortunately Intel won't cover travel/hotel for XDC.
<agd5f> welcome to popcopy can I help you?
<agd5f> omcfadde: yup
* Bart_Massey heads for the email discussion
<alanc> all the fd.o wikis seem to fall over lately, not sure if it's out-of-memory, bad VM config or what
<omcfadde> I sent basically all the details to the board's email. I'm just here if you need any clarification or further information.
<Bart_Massey> Appreciated.
<Bart_Massey> I think the current process for these is to discuss them by email. Anybody opposed to doing so over the next couple of days and then voting it by email?
<Bart_Massey> Time is getting short, but I'm not sure this meeting is the best place to proceed.
<Bart_Massey> Anybody have any questions for omcfadde?
<agd5f> proposal looks fine to me.  no further questions on my end
<alanc> I talked with him about it last night, and am satisfied
<Bart_Massey> Maybe we should just vote it now, then. +1 from me
<agd5f> +1
<stukreit> +1
<marcoz> +1
<alanc> +1
<stukreit> (and do I need more votes for my own request?)
<Bart_Massey> Carried. 
<agd5f> stukreit: +1 for you
<Bart_Massey> +1
<alanc> +1
<marcoz> +1
<alanc> (though I already +1'd stu via email)
<alanc> omcfadde: for fastest reimbursement, bring receipts to the conference so Stuart can write a check on the spot
<stukreit> thanks. Is 4 enough for these 2 votes?
<Bart_Massey> First one got 5
<stukreit> I don't think I can vote to reimburse meself
<omcfadde> alanc: ok, will do. my thanks to the board for the positive decision. :-)
<stukreit> omcfadde:  +1, where ~fastest = forever, choose wisely
<Bart_Massey> I'd have to review the Bylaws to check. Let's assume it's good, and if there's a problem we'll finish by email
<Bart_Massey> omcfadde: thanks for your contributions to X.org!
<stukreit> ok, thanks. does anyone know how much the train from frankfurt costs? I'll be getting into FRA around 2pm on tuesday
<marcoz> 1  mmmillion dollars <pink to mouth>
<marcoz> pinkY
<Bart_Massey> I don't know for sure, but I'd guess around $50US.
<stukreit> I can cover that, just want relief on the hotel.
<marcoz> the EVoC students projects are wrapping up.   do we want to do the final vote on reimbursement at XDC?  I haven't pinged the mentors on final pass/fails yet. (very busy 2 weeks.)
<Bart_Massey> Move to approve final reimbursement via simple mentor approval.
<Bart_Massey> Thus not requiring a Board vote.
<Bart_Massey> Do I hear +1?
<Bart_Massey> Anybody?
<Bart_Massey> Am I netsplit here?
<omcfadde> stukreit: regarding reimbursement for my flights/accommodation: either a check or a IBAN transfer is fine with me; whichever is easiest for you.
<Bart_Massey> Hello?
<alanc> hello
<agd5f> Bart_Massey: +1
<omcfadde> stukreit: I guess IBAN might be a bit tricky if it's coming from a US account.
<agd5f> for mentor approval
<marcoz> +1
<alanc> +1
<Bart_Massey> I'm at +4
<Bart_Massey> Again, will rule the motion carried.
<Bart_Massey> Given the number of people missing, I'm inclined to adjourn. Any other business?
<agd5f> none here
<stukreit> all: in these cases, a US paper check handed in person works best. It might get easier to do the IBAN, but the last few took a few tries each to squirt the money through
<Bart_Massey> stukreit: Good to know. Thanks for handling it.
<omcfadde> stukreit: ok, paper check is fine with me.
<Bart_Massey> Oh, one more thing: Our next meeting would nominally be 13 September. Is there any objection to meeting then, even though XDC is close?
<Bart_Massey> I will plan to meet you all here 13 September, then. THanks all!