Date is 2012-03-15, times are UTC+01. Note: USA timezone is already in daylight saving mode, thus the 1 hour difference to the usual meeting time.

22:01 <+alanc> good afternoon
22:01 <+emmes> hey Alan
22:02 <agd5f> hi
22:02 <+alanc> Bart sent apologies for not being able to make it today, but that's all I saw
22:02 <stukreit> hi
22:02 <+alanc> so we should be seeing anholt, keithp & mherrb still...
22:06 <+anholt> hey all.  hopefully this network works.  using the phone from a conference room.
22:07 <+alanc> hello
22:07 <+alanc> I guess that gives us quorum
22:07 <+alanc> so, we had an election
22:07 <+alanc> and now we're to the last step in the election process, which is the board certifies the results
22:08 <+alanc> no members have complained to me or the elections alias of any problems they had in voting
22:08 <+alanc> (I did have to help one with fixing his e-mail address for password recovery during the election, but that was handled in time for him to vote)
22:09 <+alanc> According to the members website, of the 144 current foundation members, 40 members voted this year.   This gives us 27.77% participation, barely enough to meet the 25% quorum required.
22:09 <+alanc> The results as reported by the members website are:
22:09 <+alanc> Name                 1    2    3    4   Score
22:09 <+alanc> ----                --   --   --   --   -----
22:09 <+alanc> Marc Balmer          2    3    4    5     30
22:09 <+alanc> Alex Deucher        13    8    9    7    101
22:09 <+alanc> Matt Dew             5    7    9    6     65
22:09 <+alanc> Matthias Hopf        8    7    8    8     77
22:09 <+alanc> Jeremy Huddleston    3    8    6    3     51
22:09 <+alanc> Keith Packard        9    7    3    7     70
22:09 <+alanc> ----                --   --   --   --
22:09 <+alanc> Total cast          40   40   39   36
22:09 <+alanc> Which means that our 4 newly elected or re-elected board members for two year terms are: agd5f, emmes, keithp, and marcoz
22:10 <+emmes> due to the low participation rate I suggest that let our members renew their membership before the next election. I guess quite some accounts are stale.
22:10 <+alanc> any discussion before we vote to certify this as a properly executed election?
22:11 <+emmes> looks good to me +1
22:11 <agd5f> +1
22:11 <+alanc> yeah, we'd been lax about renewals, but helping purge those not participating may get us a higher % voting in the future
22:11 <+anholt> alanc: +1
22:11 <+alanc> +1
22:11 <stukreit> +1
22:11 <+anholt> emmes: do you mean "require" as opposed to "let"?
22:11 <+emmes> I guess so.
22:12 <+emmes> would require a longer timeframe, though.
22:12 <+alanc> unless keithp has woken up, that is a unanimous vote of the currently present board members
22:13 <agd5f> I don't think accounts expire at all at the moment
22:13 <+alanc> thanks to all our candidates for participating in the election, and congratulations/condolences to those who just won two years worth of meetings and work on behalf of our members
22:13 <+emmes> thanks for the election work!
22:13 <+alanc> there are a lot of accounts in the membership system marked as expired, but I'm not sure when they expired
22:14 <agd5f> thanks for handling the election alanc
22:14 <+alanc> I'll send out mail about choosing a new meeting time, though there's only one member difference from the current board
22:14 <agd5f> I've never renewed by account, but as far as I know it's never expired and there's no option in the web page to renew
22:15 <+alanc> I remember having to renew at some past point, but we may not have done that in a long time
22:15 <+emmes> I think I renewed it once; could be bad memory, though.
22:16 <+emmes> I guess we should at some point in time do a renewal process. Otherwise we might miss our 25% quota at some point in time.
22:17 <+emmes> doesn't have to be corrolated to elections, but renewal should be open when the next election is up. To catch those who didn't care to much about renewal before...
22:18 <+alanc> the election committee process wiki lists the cutoff date for joining or renewing membership as the same, and being about a month before elections
22:18 <+alanc> we sent e-mail reminders of "do this now if you want to vote this year" before that happened
22:19 <+alanc> Bart send an e-mail report on the Book Sprint activities last weekend - I don't think there's much more to say here, especially when Bart's not available to discuss
22:20 <+alanc> emmes: XDS news?   (other than my random wiki edits generating phoronix articles on XDS planning?)
22:20 <+alanc> (or egbert if he's really here)
22:21 <michaellarabel> I've talked it over with egbert but: Phoronix will sponsor another beer event / catered lunch / or whatever... I'm just waiting on hearing back from him when he hears from the caterer to know if that caterer is required or of what are the options and any requirements, etc.
22:22 <+emmes> it seems Egbert is totally swamped company wise this week. I barely made it to meet him.
22:22 <marcoz> (sorry, I
22:22 <marcoz> m late, impromptu meeting
22:22 <marcoz> woohoo!!!!!
22:22 <+emmes> Given that Egbert is the man with the room, I do not dare posting the announcement w/o him.
22:22 <+alanc> marcoz: technically your attendance isn't required until the next meeting 8-)   but of course, you're welcome as always to be here today
22:23 <+emmes> But I do have one good feedback from him: the room is definitive secure now.
22:23  * alanc has never seen anyone so excited about getting signed up for two years worth of meetings
22:23 <marcoz> lol
22:23 <marcoz> yea, I'm kinda dumb that way
22:23 <+emmes> marcoz: you'll learn. quick. ;-)
22:24 <+alanc> emmes: good, hopefully that will lead to announcement soon
22:24 <marcoz> kinda like the military eh? _never_ volunteer or show excitement
22:24 <+alanc> and until then we'll harness your enthusiasm
22:24 <+emmes> I'll keep pushing Egbert until we get one.
22:25 <+emmes> Luckily we're early this year with planning
22:26 <+alanc> next week will bring us to 6 months before the conference date
22:27 <+alanc> which should still be more than enough time for buying cheap plane tickets and getting visas arranged for the few people who need them
22:28 <+alanc> anything else to discuss today?
22:29 <marcoz> how much I should drink to celebrate?
22:29 <+emmes> that's at your discretion :P
22:30 <marcoz> in that case...all of it.
22:30  * emmes does not want to know
22:31 <+alanc> looks like agd5f & anholt are the current board mailing list admins - marcoz: tell one of them which e-mail address you'd like to be subscribed to under
22:31 <marcoz> will do.
22:31 <+alanc> if there's nothing else, then I guess we're ready to adjourn for today
22:32 <stukreit> thanks, alan!
22:33 <+emmes> yes, thanks! +1
22:33 <agd5f> +1
22:33 <marcoz> +1
22:33 <+alanc> oh yeah, all you guys on the election committee - you're all kicked off!
22:34 <+emmes> thanks again for the work!
22:34 <+alanc> and thank you for your service for the past year
22:34 <+alanc> our newly selected election committee will be: agd5f, emmes, keithp, and marcoz
22:35 <+alanc> maybe you can finally follow through on our long threatened replacement of the election web site before next year's election
22:36 <agd5f> so does anyone know how to add/remove people from the board list?  It's been several years since I looked at it last
22:36 <+alanc> is the easy part, finding the password is harder
22:37 <+alanc> if all else fails, poke mithrandir to use root to do it
22:37 <+alanc> or anholt
22:37 <marcoz> mithrandir?  the same one that's on PCLinuxOS?
22:38  * alanc doesn't remember who all has root on expo
22:38 <+alanc> Mithrandir is the IRC nick of Tollef, who admins the & machines as part of his job at collabora, for which we are very grateful for the donation of his time
22:39 <+alanc> Tollef Fog Heen that is
22:40 <marcoz> Yep, I think that's the same guy
22:41 <+alanc> thanks everyone to coming, and thanks to our outgoing board members for 2 years of excellent service to the foundation