Date is 2012-02-02, times are UTC+01.

23:01  * alanc isn't sure if we'll see the people who went to fosdem or not tonight
23:02 <+alanc> but hopefully we can wake up emmes, mherrb & stukreit
23:03 <egbert> stukreit sent an email just a while ago - i'm not sure if he intended to send it to me, though.
23:04 <egbert> i can ping emmes by phone.
23:04 <+alanc> he may have forgotten who is currently on the board vs. who used to be on the board
23:04 <+alanc> I can ping stukreit by walking down the hall, brb
23:04 <stukreit> egbert: I sent it individually to everyone on the board. Were you able to access the file?
23:04 <egbert> i should not show up here so often ;)
23:04 <+alanc> oh, never mind
23:05 <+alanc> stukreit: egbert hasn't been on the board for the past few years
23:05 <egbert> stukreit: i'm not on the board.
23:05 <stukreit> oh- sorry, I read too fast and shallow. it was your email that woke me up
23:06 <stukreit> the doc is only for board and attorney, but you won't find anything need-not-to-know in it
23:06 <+alanc> so we've got 4 board members here so far - given anholt & keithp are speaking at fosdem in a little over 24 hours, I'm not holding my breath for them to make it
23:07 <egbert> emmes will be in shortly.
23:07 <+emmes> sorry for the delay
23:08 <egbert> there he is :)
23:08 <+emmes> have a new smart phone, that isn't that... smart :-/
23:08 <+alanc> so did everyone see egbert's mail about our XDC date choices?
23:09 <egbert> ok, stukreit saw my email, expect everyone else did, too?
23:09 <+Bart_Massey> not yet. sec
23:09 <+alanc> sent about 2.5 hrs ago
23:09 <+alanc> choices are: Sept 17-19 (Mo-We) or Sept 19-21 (We-Fr). 
23:09 <egbert> we got things set up so we don't have to have the conf over a weekend.
23:10 <egbert> which as i learnd would generate extra hassle.
23:10 <stukreit> I can only attend 19->21'st
23:10 <egbert> i brought arguments for both dates.
23:11 <+Bart_Massey> I'd prefer 19-21, as I plan to stay if I go.
23:12 <stukreit> bart: if I were a language police I would beat you up for that;-)
23:12 <agd5f> mherrb: said he couldn't make it IIRC
23:12 <egbert> ok, when was that?
23:12 <agd5f> he replied to one of the board emails earlier this week
23:12 <+alanc> oh, that he couldn't make it today, right
23:13 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: you wasnt are being language policer though
23:13 <+alanc> I'd forgotten about that
23:13 <egbert> he cannot attend on which days?
23:13 <agd5f> won't make it to this meeting
23:13 <+alanc> egbert: mherrb can't attend today
23:14 <egbert> ah, i thought he couldn't come during this week.
23:14 <egbert> sorry.
23:14 <egbert> he mentioned something last meeting.
23:15 <+alanc> from last meeting I see: <mherrb> I'd prefer 21-23. I have to be in Switerland 24-28.
23:15 <egbert> 24-28 that is for him
23:15 <egbert> right
23:15 <egbert> so he should be fine with either dates.
23:15 <+alanc> so far I see two preferences for 19-21 (We-Fr)
23:16 <egbert> ok, the argument against these days would be octoberfest.
23:16 <+alanc> I don't have a preference either way
23:16 <egbert> i talked to michael and he said it'd be hell going thru munich that day.
23:17 <egbert> so people should be told to try to get flights thru franfurt.
23:17 <+emmes> so people should try to fly in over frankfurt, I guess
23:17 <+emmes> lol
23:17 <egbert> or fly into nuernberg.
23:17 <+alanc> 19-21 overlaps SuSEcon - there's no problems for you with that?
23:17 <egbert> flying into and out of nuernberg would be much less hassle anyway.
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> are any hotels going to be available anytime that week for folks who don't book right away?
23:18 <egbert> no, it doesn't look like it will be.
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> it sounds like the city pretty much fills up around then
23:18 <egbert> yes, it is the one week in september without any hotel constraints.
23:18 <egbert> until monday the following week.
23:19 <+Bart_Massey> ok...
23:19 <agd5f> would august be better?  it's usually a pretty slow month, although maybe a lot of vacations then
23:20 <egbert> that's exactly the problem, plus there's plumbers i believe
23:20 <+alanc> looks like it's a couple hours from nuremburg to munich, so hopefully oktoberfest hotels don't fill up that far away
23:20 <egbert> apart from this august would be perfect roomwise and hotel wise, also weatherwise
23:20 <egbert> no, octoberfest won't fill hotels in nuernberg.
23:20 <egbert> just trains.
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> ok
23:21 <egbert> one main train route from the north goes thru nuernberg.
23:21 <egbert> so when i go during octberfest i make sure i have a seat reserved on the train
23:21 <+emmes> alanc: it's actually only about 1 hour. the train is pretty fast. still, nuernberg is considered a completely different region than munich.
23:22 <+emmes> this is not the US ;-)
23:22 <+alanc> emmes: ah, google maps defaulted to driving directions, not train
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> just got an email saying is down.
23:22 <egbert> ok, you guys come up with a date. you don't have to decide today either.
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> sigh. the minute keithp leaves town...
23:22 <stukreit> is this a big deal, like "you can't get a seat", or is it just a convenience factor like "gee this train is really crowded"
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> and also anholt...
23:22 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: yes, has been for over a day know
23:22 <+emmes> by car it's less than 1 1/2 h - if you drive reaonably fast, that is :-P
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: whats' the plan for fixing it?
23:23 <+alanc> between FOSDEM & Tollef's vacation, no one can find an admin
23:23 <egbert> it is from really crowded that you will have to stand in the isle
23:23 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: sit around and whine until admins show up
23:23 <jcristau> Bart_Massey: finding an admin is the first step, we haven't gotten past that.
23:23 <+Bart_Massey> I have physical access to the box. You can always call my cell 503 705 2474 when stuff like this happens...
23:24 <+alanc> I mailed sitewrangler's yesterday, though got caught in the moderation queue for not being subscribed
23:24 <egbert> stukreit: but there's always the option to fly into nuernberg which is much less hassle regardless of octoverfest.
23:24  * Bart_Massey notes that he is in country code +1. usa!
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> Well, it sounds like 19-21 is the default, but let's someone post it on the board list and wait a day or two for emails before fixing it
23:25 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: if you can lay hands on the box and heal it, many people will praise you - but I don't know if physical access is enough, or root access will be needed
23:25 <egbert> ok, fair enough.
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: i'm guessing one will more-or-less imply the other. :-)
23:26 <+alanc> most of the people with root access seem to be thousands of miles away, limiting physical access
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> anybody remember offhand which box anongit is sitting on?
23:26 <egbert> ok, i will be off. when you have reached consensus please drop me an email.
23:26 <egbert> good night! ;)
23:26 <jcristau> Bart_Massey: molly
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> thanks egbert!
23:26 <+emmes> egbert: ok, thank you!
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> jcristau: thanks
23:26 <stukreit> thanks egbert!
23:27 <+Bart_Massey> i'll call our admins after the meeting and have them look at it, then run down there if it's going to be helpful
23:27 <jcristau> thanks
23:28 <+alanc> okay, in other business, just a quick note that the election calendar is posted at and the call for nominations has been sent out
23:28 <+Bart_Massey> thanks alanc
23:29 <+alanc> agd5f, keithp, mherrb and emmes are the members whose terms are running out, and are thus eligible to be nominated for another term
23:30 <+alanc> and of course, any other X.Org member is eligible to nominate or be nominated, though we can't elect any more Oracle employees, and only one Intel employee can be elected this time
23:31 <+alanc> stukreit: did you want to say anything about the 501(c)3 stuff other than that people should read the draft response you mailed out today?
23:32 <stukreit> yes, thanks to all for providing Aaron with input. His submission is very well fleshed out
23:32 <+alanc> and agd5f wanted to ask about VESA stuff
23:32 <agd5f> yeah
23:32 <stukreit> Aaron and Justin did inform me/us that granting of 501(c)3 status has become difficult of late and we should be prepared for alternative filing
23:32 <+alanc> that's all I remember for today's agenda
23:32 <stukreit> wait
23:32 <+Bart_Massey> AFAIK, we are no longer a member of VESA
23:33 <stukreit> which would be the .4 version. 
23:33 <+Bart_Massey> I don't remember where the documents from when we were are stored, but they're online someplace
23:33 <+alanc> stukreit: alternative would be we're a non-profit, but not a charity, so people don't get tax deductions for giving us money, right?
23:33 <stukreit> Difference is mainly that contributions to us would not be tax deductable to the donors. Not that previous donors have noticed or inquired about that.
23:34 <+alanc> though keithp did note that helped freedesktop get some donations
23:34 <+Bart_Massey> The fallback plan if it looks like we'll be denied is likely to be to apply to SPI
23:34 <stukreit> right. And we're a few years away from really needing money to continue our current level of operations, although imo we should try to get some whenever possible
23:34 <+Bart_Massey> Aaron says that if we get the timing right, that could work
23:35 <+Bart_Massey> My goal was always to spend us down to $50-$100K before we started to start to set up a funding plan.
23:35 <stukreit> There was an intel donation 2 years ago, we never got it completed, darnit. I could not get attention from the Intel person to chase it down.
23:35 <stukreit> well, we're under $100k now.
23:35 <+Bart_Massey> Where are we?
23:35 <stukreit> (roughly) I haven't looked at the statements in a while
23:35 <stukreit> but we were just over $100k in the summer.
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> Last I looked, we were still at $120K or so.
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> Oh.
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> OK, then it's probably time to start thinking about it.
23:36 <stukreit> Guess I better dig out the statement. would require me to remember id/passwd for yet another account.
23:36 <+Bart_Massey> LOL. Thanks much for dealing with this.
23:36 <stukreit> sure thing
23:37 <+alanc> did we actually get the Google SoC payment straightened out?  though that was only a thousand or two I think
23:37 <stukreit> I paid the 1st installment, I need to pay him the 2nd
23:37 <stukreit> make that an AI for me
23:37 <stukreit> (ie, you're free to harangue me, I am always distracted)
23:38 <agd5f> so, is there interest in rejoining vesa?  Who managed that last time?  anyone know where to docs are?  are we allowed to distribute what we currently have to xorg members if we aren't currently a vesa member?
23:38 <+alanc> stukreit: oh you're talking about EVoC, I was thinking of the money google was trying to pay us for GSoC
23:38 <+Bart_Massey> I dealt with it last time. I think we can let members have access to what we have.
23:38 <+alanc> also, you should be paying him for his FOSDEM trip
23:39 <+Bart_Massey> Yeah, the GSoC money comes real close to covering our annual expenses.
23:39 <stukreit> he will send his expenses next week, I ssume
23:39 <marcheu> alanc: I receivedd an email saying the SoC money transfer had been done. I don't have access to the bank statements so I can't say for sure though
23:39 <+alanc> we spend a bit more on travel sponsorship lately than gsoc money covers
23:40 <marcheu> that was a while ago, I could dig it out if you want
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> I don't think there's any deep reason to rejoin VESA. AFAIK there's no new docs that are desperately needed, and it's expensive
23:40 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: do you know where the current vesa docs are?  there are some members that were inquiring about them
23:40 <+alanc> marcheu: thanks, hopefully stukreit can confirm in the bank statements
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> I do not. Keithp likely would.
23:40 <stukreit> or ajax
23:40 <+alanc> I think ajax was in charge of them at one point
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> Even more likely ajax
23:40 <+Bart_Massey> yes.
23:41 <agd5f> I don't think ajax knew last time I asked him
23:41 <+Bart_Massey> I might still have dead trees in my office somewhere, but I think I threw them out on the advice of keithp.
23:41 <+Bart_Massey> They were huge.
23:41 <agd5f> I've got digital copies
23:41 <marcheu> alanc: I did transfer him that email
23:42 <agd5f> I can re-upload them somewhere if no one knows where the originals are
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: might as well. only thing you need to do is be sure to put them somewhere that only members can access
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> if you find such a place, they may already be there :-)
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> it's also possible that they're somewhere on anongit.fdo :-)
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> I have some staff poking at the box now.
23:45 <+alanc> is the only site I know of that all members and only members can access
23:45 <agd5f> can we put them on somewhere and add a link to home page when you log in?
23:45 <+alanc> probably, the same way the old minutes are
23:45 <+alanc> but I don't know how, I think anholt did those
23:46 <agd5f> does anyone have shell access to
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> let me check
23:46 <+alanc> in fact seems like it could have a VESA directory created
23:46 <+Bart_Massey> Yes
23:47 <+alanc> isn't members just a virtual host on expo?
23:47 <+Bart_Massey> yes
23:47 <+alanc> all board members should have expo access, though we've failed at actually setting that up for several
23:47 <+Bart_Massey> yes
23:47 <jcristau> doesn't look restricted
23:47 <+alanc> just like stukreit still can't see the election committee wiki
23:48 <+alanc> oh, if it's not restricted then maybe not then
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> It would be easy enough to stick a .htaccess there, no?
23:48 <+Bart_Massey> I dunno. the web. all after my time. :-)
23:49 <jcristau> /minutes presumably has one, so, yes.
23:49 <+alanc> yeah, but we use 1995-era web technology on that site
23:49 <agd5f>
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> still after my time. :-)
23:49 <+Bart_Massey> even gopher is after my time.
23:50 <+Bart_Massey> in my time you had to get a license from the phone company to hook up a 300-baud modem
23:50 <agd5f> it would be nice if we could tie the authentication into the members user database
23:51 <+Bart_Massey> just a sec...
23:52 <+alanc> yep, something we can research offline with people who actually know how that site is setup
23:52 <agd5f> heh, I'm not sure anyone actually knows ;)
23:52 <+Bart_Massey> it's actually just in the apache2 config
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> oops
23:53 <+Bart_Massey> the directories /bod and /minutes are protected
23:55 <+Bart_Massey> Someone needs to expurgate the old minutes so we can open them
23:55  * Bart_Massey notes that starting a sentence with /bod doesn't do what he expected
23:56  * alanc delegates the task of publishing old minutes to the next secretary
23:57 <agd5f> I guess we could handle vesa like minutes.  provide the link and login/pass in index.php
23:57 <+Bart_Massey> lol. looks like the member passwords are kept in a mysql database and thus can't be used with the php 
23:57 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: this seems like the best plan
23:57 <+Bart_Massey> someone can easily set up the basic-auth for a vesa directory
23:58  * Bart_Massey substitutes s/php/apache/
23:59 <+alanc> so as our hour runs out, anything more to discuss today?
--- Day changed Fri Feb 03 2012
00:00 <+Bart_Massey> Move to adjourn.
00:00 <+alanc> +1
00:00 <stukreit> +1
00:01 <+emmes> +1