The X.Org Foundation is holding elections for

  • The Board of Directors

Election Results

With 49 of 91 total members voting, the results of the election as posted to on April 16, 2018 were as follows:

  • Bryce Harrington
  • Eric Anholt
  • Keith Packard
  • Harry Wentland

Their terms will end Q1 2020.

Election Schedule

  • Nomination period Start: Feb 9 00:00 UTC
  • Nomination period End: Mar 9 23:59 UTC
  • Deadline of X.Org membership application or renewal: Mar 15 23:59 UTC
  • Publication of Candidates & start of Candidate QA: Mar 15
  • Election Planned Start: Mar 22 00:00 UTC
  • Election Planned End: Apr 12 23:59 UTC

PLEASE NOTE: The memberships of all X.Org Members have been expired, to participate in this election you MUST renew your membership by the deadline mentioned above! Please go to the Members page for your membership application or renewal.

Board Election

The terms of the following Board Members will end this year:

  • Alex Deucher
  • Egbert Eich
  • Keith Packard
  • Bryce Harrington

There are 4 seats on the X.Org Board of Directors up for reelection.

The Elections overview page describes the voting methods and process.

The election process starts with a 2 week nomination period. If you would like to nominate yourself please send email to the election committee, giving your

  • name
  • current professional affiliation
  • a statement of contribution to X.Org or related technologies
  • a personal statement.

To vote or to be elected to the Board you needed to be a Member of the X.Org Foundation. To be a Member of the X.Org Foundation you need to apply or renew your membership until the end of the nomination period.


Eric Anholt

Current Affiliation: Broadcom

Personal Statement:

Being on the X.Org Foundation board is primarily a non-technical position, managing the funds, conferences, and mentoring activities of the project. Our board has been doing an excellent job on improving those systems over time, and I'm ready to help out with them again. My interest is in continuing to reduce the barrier to entry to our projects and encouraging a welcoming environment for all contributors.

Robert Foss

Current Affiliation: Collabora

Statement of Contribution:

I've contributed to various X.Org projects, spoken publicly about using the X.Org stack instead of prorietary ones and worked towards migrating features for new usecases to the X.Org stack. Additionally I've worked towards migrating graphics stack projects, like drm_hwcomposer into X.Org.

Personal Statement:

Before having contributed any lines of code to any X.Org project, I went to XDC which demonstrated not only what a nice community the X.Org is but also what technically is around the corner, and what needs more attention.

As a professional working inside the X.Org sphere I'm going to continue to work towards harmonizing various projects and increasing compatability, with the goal of growing the community, making the individual projects easier to adopt and reducing the need for forks.

If elected I would like to work towards lowering the bar of entry for new developers by providing support for mordern workflows. I would also like to provide support for having low hanging fruit for new developers to pick, in order to attract more developers, but also in order to provide a less steep learning curve.

But maybe more importantly I would like to contribute something back to the X.Org community, which has been a tremendous resource to me.

Bryce Harrington

Current Affiliation: Samsung Research America

Statement of Contribution:

Inkscape, Cairo (release management, maintenance, etc.)

Personal Statement:

I am currently serving on the Board as Treasurer. In this role I helped in getting registered with SPI, re-established our donation systems and policies for individual donors and corporate sponsors, and worked to get's financial data better organized.

Professionally, I work on Cairo (maintenance, releases, general development) and various other graphics-related FOSS technologies; In my spare time, I run the Inkscape project and dabble in game development.

Keith Packard

Current Affiliation: HP

Personal Statement:

The board continues to perform an important role in the X community. Over the last couple of years, the primary activities of the board have involved organizing technical conferences and providing funding for developers to attend both those conferences and other important free software conferences around the world. I've been involved in the board since the reformation of the foundation. If elected, I will continue to support free software developers working on the X window system and related technologies.

Laurent Pinchart

Current Affiliation: Ideas on Board Oy

Statement of Contribution:

I've contributed to the Linux kernel DRM subsystem for nearly 6 years by developing drivers, writing the initial KMS documentation, reviewing core and driver changes and participating in design discussions.

Personal Statement:

Since my first contributions to the Linux kernel DRM subsystem I have approached from a different perspective than many, making my way through the stack from the bottom up, and reaching it from an embedded ARM perspective. If elected I would like to help those once second-class citizens in the graphics world continue to collaborate hand-and-hand with with the rest of the ecosystem by ensuring that they are correctly represented in the community.

Harry Wentland

Current Affiliation: AMD

Statement of Contribution:

I maintain the amdgpu DC display driver, and contributed and reviewed patches to DRM.

Personal Statement:

Having had a fondness for open-source and Linux for more than 15 years I jumped at the chance to help bring AMD's display driver into the DRM community. Since doing this my appreciation for X.Org's mission to create and maintain a free and open accelerated graphics stack has grown. I've noticed how even companies that would like to participate in open source are often unsure how to go about it and align such participation with business goals. As member of the board, in addition to supporting existing board initiatives, I will focus on increasing new user participation and finding ways (e.g. documentation, process) to help lower the barrier of entry to participation.