2.1 Release

  • I've gathered up current CVS (as of 2002-11-21) and put together fcpackage 2.1. This fixes various issues:
  • Export some more Xft symbols (Cygwin) that are needed for qt 3.x (#5285, Ralf Habacker)
  • Add a bunch more consts to Xft and fontconfig apis
  • Update Xft manual (it's still pretty lame)
  • Make handling of RGBA constants more consistent and less error prone
  • Remove prototype Xft configuration file; its not used anymore
  • Destroy images when drawing glyphs with the core protocol
  • Remove unnecessary link between FC RGBA values and Render subpixel order constants
  • Add image transformation and sub-pixel ordering to Render
  • Fix file/face locking to make it more sensible
  • Render uses int for 32 bits, Xlib uses long. This matters on alpha
  • Miscomputing request length for String16 and String32
  • Obey max request length even with BIG-REQUESTS for Trapezoids
  • Skip unexpected data in ?QueryFormats. Deal with broken X servers a bit better
  • XRenderQueryPictIndexValues support (from Olivier Chapuis). Bump Render version to 0.7
  • Fix fontconfig to obey ?NothingOutsideProjectRoot, so that the directory /usr/share/fonts is ignored in this case (#A.1325, Joe Moss).
  • Change comments a bit in fonts.conf.in
  • Add a bunch more blank glyphs, plus label existing blanks with official unicode names
  • Elide historic cyrillic letters from several orthographies as they are unnecessary for modern documents and ill supported by fonts
  • English orthography included 0xd. instead of 0xe. for several codepoints. Oops
  • Add fontversion field
  • Was losing local cached dirs in global cache list
  • In debugging output, mark weakly bound values with (w)
  • Pacify gcc 3.2
  • Fix alignment issue on sparc
  • Fix structure alignment and array wlk bugs

Get release 2.1 here.

2.0 Release

  • The first release of Fontconfig is 2.0. Yes, this should by all rights be named 1.0, but there was an earlier library used by XFree86 called 'Xft' which had a 1.0 release and as fontconfig now ships version 2 of Xft, it made some (small) amount of sense to just label the whole mess 2.0.

Get release 2.0 here.

-- Main.KeithPackard - 21 Sep 2003