Information for GUI Developers

This page links to information about developing GUI applications for free operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD.

X Desktop Information

                 * <a href="">GNOME&nbsp;Developer&nbsp;Information</a>: The GNOME developer's site has copious documentation, technical whitepapers, and other information about developing GNOME applications and the development of GNOME itself. <a href="">KDE&nbsp;Developer&nbsp;Information</a>: The KDE developer's site includes a rich assortment of tutorials, references, development tools, and other information to get you started with KDE development. <a href="">ROX&nbsp;Developer&nbsp;Information</a>: The ROX developer's site, with tutorials, libraries and the style guide. 
                 * <a href="">Trolltech</a>: Troll Tech is the company that creates and supports the Qt GUI toolkit that forms the foundation of KDE. <a href="">GTK+</a>: The home page of the GTK+ GUI toolkit, used in the GNOME desktop environment. <a href="">GNUstep</a>: The homepage of the GNUstep toolkit (<span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=InformationforGUIDevelopers&amp;page=FoundationKit" rel="nofollow">?</a>FoundationKit</span> and <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=InformationforGUIDevelopers&amp;page=ApplicationKit" rel="nofollow">?</a>ApplicationKit</span>).