This page is not about getting new accounts. If you do not currently have a fd.o account, see AccountRequests.

Account Maintenance uses a user management system entitled userdir-ldap. More information on ud-l can be found at Debian's information page.

This page describes the mail interface, which assumes you have a GPG key attached to your account. If this is not the case, please file a bug on the Account Changes component in Bugzilla first, with your GPG key attached as a text/plain file, and noting the account which the key should be attached to. Please also make sure it's visible on the keyserver.

The web interface is not operational at this time.

Adding/removing SSH keys

The mail gateway maintains SSH keys by replacing all keys with the contents of the mail. Send the mail, GPG-signed, each key on a new line:

cat ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/ ~/.ssh/ | gpg --clearsign | mail

You will receive a mail back within a few minutes confirming your changes. Note again that this replaces the entire list of keys: following the example above, if you previously had key1 and key4 active, the new set would be key1, key2, and key3: key4 would be excluded. Note that this is important as password logins are not available on

(EC)DSA keys are not accepted! Due to security reasons relating to an OpenSSL vulnerability, (EC)DSA keys (as well as legacy RSA1 keys) will not be accepted.

Note: Your total key length must be <=1024 characters in ascii, hence anything longer than a 4096bit key will not work

Note2: If you get the error: "Message Error: Verification of signature failed" your email is probably being line wrapped, try a different client

Note3: If you never get a reply back, make sure your return address is actually valid.

Changing email address

echo 'emailforward:' | gpg --clearsign | mail

Getting a copy of your current details

echo 'show' | gpg --clearsign | mail

Your LDAP record will be mailed back to you, GPG-encrypted. Most of these details can be changed by sending the same string back to, e.g.:

echo 'gecos: Full Name' | gpg --clearsign | mail