MoinMoin-to-Ikiwiki Selective Page Conversion

On Annarchy:

PROJECT=www # Change as appropriate
git clone /srv/ikiwiki/git/${PROJECT}.git ~/${PROJECT}
cd ~/${PROJECT} Page_Name A_Different/Page_Name
git push

The detached commit histories that this generates have deterministic hashes, so attempting to merge a page history that has already been merged is a safe no-op.

There may be some manual cleanup to be done on the page itself; the automatic conversion creates pretty ugly but mostly functional Markdown, but is quite bad at dealing with preformatted text.

You may want to read up on formatting, locally previewing files, and other Ikiwiki features

If the conversion script fails, you may want to investigate why or do the conversion by hand by poking around in /srv/${PROJECT} If page history is missing, and google cache in combination with html2markdown may be good options. We can potentially dig through backups, but it will likely involve several days of lagtime.

For pages with spaces in their names, it may be necessary to run the import script twice, once with an argument of "Page Name" and once with an argument of "Page_Name". It is inconsistent about needing this and I haven't tracked down why.