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List of OpenGL Extensions supported at least partially by the Hardware but not by DRI driver

This list is probably incomplete.

ARB_vertex_blend / ARB_matrix_palette: radeon, r200

EXT_paletted_texture / EXT_shared_texture_palette: i830

EXT_texture3D: radeon (with some limitations) how to do it on r100 related bug #4799

NV_fog_distance: radeon, r200

  • The radeon register header gives no indication that this extension is supportable on that hardware, but Apple supports it. SGIS_sharpen_texture: unichrome (?)

  • This would also need support in Mesa. The UniChrome Windows driver doesn't support this extension, but via_3d_reg.h (search for "_Sharp") has some register defines that appear to be for it. Some experimentation would be needed.



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